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BLASTmedia Summer 2015 Digital Marketing Internships Available

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BLASTmedia Summer 2015 Digital Marketing Internship

BLASTmedia is searching for college students that are ready to learn and get their hands dirty in a fast-paced agency environment. During this internship you’ll work alongside BLASTmedia’s talented team to gain valuable experience in your career field, create portfolio-worthy work samples, and leave with an applied understanding of strategic communications.

Our Summer 2015 digital marketing internship program extends from May 11 – August 7. During this time you’ll gain a holistic view of agency life and hands-on experience including tight deadlines, working on projects outside of your comfort zone, and experiencing the true “work hard, play hard” mentality that is BLASTmedia. The digital marketing internship is paid, and you’ll spend up to 35 hours in the office per week.

Here are the qualifications we’re looking for in a BLASTmedia intern:

  • Junior or senior level college student from Indy-area school or willing to commute
  • Previous internship experience (industry-specific is a plus!)
  • Aptitude for a fast-paced work environment and hard working, professional attitude
  • Self-starter with the ability to manage several projects at once
  • Collaborative project experience working towards a common goal

For Summer 2015, BLASTmedia is in need of up to 4 digital marketing interns to fulfill the following open concentrations: public relations & social media, creative design, and digital advertising.

We expect our interns to:

  • Show up, speak up, and flourish in a fast-paced, collaborative environment
  • Have exemplary writing ability
  • Be organized and detail oriented
  • Learn from their mistakes and apply feedback on the next project
  • Have a positive and professional can-do attitude and ask lots of questions!

BLASTmedia will give you:

  • Hands-on training in your concentration and introduction to client communication
  • Opportunity to contribute in company-wide brainstorms and think-tanks
  • One-on-one feedback and opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals
  • Portfolio-worthy projects and agency experience to shape your career path

BLASTmedia intern projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Assist account executives with the implementation of client campaigns
  • Create content for clients including (but not limited to) press releases, bylined articles, blog posts, communication audits, award submissions, infographics, contest proposals, motion graphics, case studies, and ad copy
  • Email and phone pitch members of the media
  • Research and create editorial calendars for PR pitching or blog post writing
  • Conduct client and competitor research
  • Analyze campaign performance and provide recommendations
  • Assist on digital ad creation, analysis, and performance reporting for clients

If this sounds like your dream internship, submit the following materials to We’ll be accepting applications for Summer 2015 until February 1.

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Writing samples
  • Creative portfolio or website link (if applicable)

Digital Marketing Download: Facebook Brings Graph Search to Mobile

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We all have good weeks and not so good weeks. By all accounts Mark Zuckerberg is having a good week (and not just because he’s on the cover of Time magazine) with announcements coming from both Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram about disrupting the market. Google’s week on the other hand, maybe not so awesome. Learn more in this week’s digital marketing download:



This week, using feedback received from users on Graph Search beta, Facebook updated Facebook Search to make it easier to find posts. This feature seems to challenge both aspects of Google search and Twitter and was the first of four Facebook new tools announced this week.


Instagram announced on Wednesday that it now has more 300 million monthly active users. The announcement shows that Instagram’s user growth is far outpacing that of Twitter, which announced in October that it had 284 million users in the third quarter. Instagram also announced the introduction of “verified badges” for both celebrities and brands.


According to research by Socialbakers, in November, the number of video posts uploaded directly to Facebook overtook the number of YouTube videos on Facebook for the first time. Competitors like Facebook and Vessel are also trying to lure away talent, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. In response, YouTube is offering bonuses to some of the top video-makers to sign multi-year deals to create content that would play exclusively on their service for a period of time.


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Travel Tips for Video Production

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The video production team at BLASTmedia hit the open road a few times over the past year, and while some destinations allowed for hauling gear in a rental car, others required airline travel – and the challenges therein. Transporting the equipment needed for video production can be especially difficult when dealing with luggage limitations and TSA agents, so being prepared is important. BLASTmedia’s video crew offers some advice on flying with your gear in these travel tips for video production.

Rent as much as possible. The first tip on flying with your gear: don’t. I know, renting is not always a feasible option because of the cost, but if you can afford to have at least some of the needed gear shipped to your shoot location, consider it.  Your client might also be happy to foot the bill in order to avoid potential luggage mishaps that could derail your shoot. Rather than trying to find a local rental store, use LensProToGo to ship items to a contact at your destination. LensProToGo sends a prepaid shipping label to send it right back, so it’s easy to take care of on the road. We’ve used these guys a bunch and have always had a great experience.

Carry-On as much as possible. It’s a good idea to keep your most valuable or most essential gear with you.  Things happen, and while losing a new pair of jeans hurts, think of this happening.  Keep it with you. We were able to carry-on two large backpacks each on our last flight with American Airlines. Here is a handy chart from Travel Nerd that shows the dimension limits for other airlines as well:


Protect Your Gear. For gear you aren’t able to rent or fit into carry-on, you’ll want to protect it as much as possible.  Because, well, this lady. We recommend using Pelican cases, and while we admit to having a little client-bias, they are the industry-standard when it comes to protecting photo and video equipment. The pick-out foam is perfect for securing any layout of bodies and lenses. One of our setups is pictured below.  You’ll also want to lock your case, and do so with a TSA-approved lock. They are distinguished with one of these symbols, and if yours doesn’t have it the TSA will saw it right off.


Protect Your Work. Perhaps more valuable than the most expensive gear is the work you’ll have when your shoot is done. It might seem unlikely that your memory cards will be lost or stolen on your return trip, but losing all that footage is possible – and avoidable – with some precautions before flying home. Ideally, if you have a laptop and an internet connection, dump everything to Dropbox or other cloud storage setup. If  you can’t, still put them on two different external hard drives and bring them home in different bags.  If you absolutely cannot bring a laptop or dump footage onsite, keep that memory card near and dear until you can. Your carry-on bag, in your pocket, swallow it… just avoid leaving it with your gear that will be checked. It’s not worth the risk.

Be inventive  Points for creativity on our recent SoCal trip go to Creative Director Blake Fife, who combined a tripod bag and several light stands into one convenient check-in: a golf-club bag (it really wasn’t golf clubs, bosses). Ultimately, the gear you bring is up to personal preference, and so is how you get it there. Getting a little creative, as long as you keep durability and security in mind, can be just the ticket to the best and most-cost efficient way of getting everything there and back safely.

Contact Lindsey Groepper to see how BLASTmedia’s video production team can help your next campaign.

Buying Social Media Following

The Pitfalls to a Purchased Social Media Following

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The joys of popularity! The temptation of purchase!

As a brand vying for space within the social media sphere, you know the value of a strong digital footprint – not only to investors, partners and shareholders, but also to the end-consumer. The combination of a solid social following paired with a steady drumbeat of updates to an engaged audience makes for what could be considered the social media poster child.

If your communication team is spinning its wheels on whether or not to allot precious marketing dollars to the almighty unknown landscape that is the purchased fan following, heed these considerations:

  • Goal satisfaction. If the thought process is, “If we buy Twitter followers now, we’ll meet our Q4 follower goal,” then you’re thinking too shortsightedly. Sure, the quick 1,000 new best friends may put you past your end of month or quarter goal, but month over month you will see a steady decline in said following base, thus feeding the vicious cycle of buying your channel’s following.
  • Value add. Some may argue a larger social media following will help with organic rankings on both social media networks and Google, but that isn’t necessarily the case. There are several studies that show a high correlation between social media shares and search engine rankings, inherently pointing to the value of quality connections, followers, friends and the action they take with your brand, versus an account with a large number of followers. Fake fans and followers are hollow and do not typically engage; and social networks are now considering this when updating and optimizing their algorithms. Facebook’s April 2014 update specifically notes less fan engagement will negatively affect a Page’s newsfeed ranking, further reinforcing that a reputable source has a following that interacts with its content, not merely a quantity of followers.
  • Audience insight. A purchased following ultimately skews the audience research you may already be monitoring, thus making it more difficult to measure the true effect of your social media efforts. The inflated count is just that – faceless numbers that are not interested in your niche or content, negatively impacting your engagement rates and damaging social media ROI.
  • Presence legitimacy. Oftentimes, there is an assumption that a large number of Twitter followers or YouTube video views will drive respective organic growth because those channels are deemed popular. Don’t think your target audience will be so naive. There are now more tools than ever to cite a fake following, and some social channels are even going as far as to ban mass purchases of channel indicators. Aside from breaking certain channel’s Terms and Services, once a purchased following has been divulged, it may have an adverse effect – jeopardizing your reputation as a legitimate brand.

Although there are times when a purchased social media following would be appropriate, it’s important to remember that it is not a replacement for conventional marketing strategies. If an excess, end-of-year budget is burning a hole in your pocket, consider supporting your social channels with a targeted, digital advertising campaign. Highly qualified social suitors (depending on the advertising department’s capabilities) are worth far more the dollars and cents with a higher retention and engagement rate.

Twitter Advanced Search

How To Use Twitter Advanced Search

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Previously limited by name, handle, or hashtag, Twitter advanced search now allows users to search the social media platform’s entire index of tweets – all the way back to 2006. The new and improved search functions launched back in November and its database includes hundreds of billions of tweets (and is growing by several billion each week). With four ways to search, and a seemingly endless combination of keyword phrases and queries, Twitter advanced search has the potential to overwhelm the end user. Search with success using one of the following methods.

Search by words. A word-focused search will allow you to find tweets containing one, two, or all of the following queries: “all of these words,” “this exact phrase,” “any of these words,” “none of these words,” and “these hashtags.” Want to find all of the tweets about the Indianapolis Colts most recent win, but don’t want to see any mention of the Cleveland Browns? Try searching the term “Colts Win” Cleveland –Browns. 

Twitter Advanced Search

Search by people. Under the “People” section of Twitter advanced search, users are able to search tweets “from these accounts,” “to these accounts,” or “mentioning these accounts.” Continuing with our Colts example, below are the individuals who tweeted at the Indianapolis Colts regarding their most recent win. Search term: “colts win” -cleveland -browns to:colts. 

Twitter Advanced Search

Search by places and dates. Additional advanced search capabilities include location and date-based searching. To find tweets mentioning the Indianapolis Colts, that were sent near Indianapolis over the weekend, try the search term “@Colts near:”Indianapolis” within:15mi since:2014-12-06 until:2014-12-07.” Results shown below.

Twitter Advanced Search

The advanced searching tool also allows Twitter users to refine their results based on both sentiment and language. Each of the queries can be used as a stand-alone tool, or in combination with any of the other searches. Similarly, each search bar can be loaded up with one or 100 different terms. While Twitter advanced search is certainly robust, it can’t take the place of a watchful eye when it comes to social media management.

Contact Lindsey Groepper to find out how a Social Media Account Executive can mean the different between a positive online presence, and a positively awful digital footprint.


Digital Marketing Download: Facebook Brings Autoplay Video to Mobile App-Install Ads

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Our favorite social profiles are updating their features and toolkit to provide an enhanced experience for developers, marketers, and consumers alike. Facebook announces autoplay video to mobile app-install ads, Twitter improves tools to report harassment, and Snapchat lets you get more creative with Geofilters.

Take a closer look at the top news in our this week’s digital marketing download:

Facebook Brings Autoplay Video to Mobile App-Install Ads
Facebook announced a new tool for app developers and digital advertisers when promoting an app launch or important app update. As part of Facebook’s app-install ads, you can now run autoplay video ads within Facebook’s mobile apps. This is even more of a reason to create compelling video around your mobile app.

Twitter Improves Tools for Users to Report Harassment
Gain more control of your Twitter experience with new tools aimed at building a safer Twitter. The social profile is rolling out updates this month providing users an easier way to report harassment. There will be simplified forms to report abuse and an easier way to look at your block list. These new updates will improve the ability of Twitter’s safety team to respond quickly and fairly.

Snapchat Opens Geofilters So Anyone Can Submit Location-Based Artwork
Geofilters were introduced in July to Snapchat developers only, but now the feature is available to the entire community. Get your creative juices flowing to create artwork that will appear as a geo-targeted filter on Snapchat photos. Geofilters could become another revenue stream for the company, who recently announced Snapcash.


For an extra fun Friday reading, see how fast-food restaurants started tweeting like teens, and why the craze most likely won’t stop. Corporate Twitter profiles are adjusting their marketing strategy to engage with a younger audience to win cool points. They use memes (sometimes successfully) and capitalize on Twitter slang to reach customers under 30.


Giving Thanks to Clients

PR Coverage Extravaganza

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There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to get the ball rolling. Recently, the BLASTmedia media relations team conducted something we like to call a Coverage Extravaganza. Each team member identified key publications that would count as “home runs” if our clients were included.

Earning this bouts’ trophy is Account Executive Brittani Hensel. Coming off an announcement on Wu Tang’s pre-sale music compilation only available on the Boombotix Boombot REX, Brittani secured 12 pieces of top-tier coverage. While it would be easy to highlight only Brit’s big wins, here is a snapshot of just some of the top-tier coverage secured for our B2B and consumer clients during the Coverage Extravaganza:

This is just a sample of the amazing coverage we secure for our clients on a daily basis. While the Coverage Extravaganza event was fun, we always strive to earn national, top-tier coverage for our clients.

Interested in finding out how BLASTmedia can help your company? Contact Lindsey Groepper to hear how we can assist with your marketing needs. 




Three Ways Content Marketing Will Change PR in 2015

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Content Marketing 2015

The popularity of content marketing will continue to rise in 2015, causing more businesses to carve out budget and resources for strategic content campaigns. Ditching traditional marketing tactics for the development of more purposeful, inspiring content sheds light on the changing PR landscape in 2015: The importance of data, establishing a connection between earned and owned media and the evolving media pitch.

Data-driven content is required. An increased interest in content marketing brings more players to the table with low-quality, link-back-seeking content. As search algorithms continue to weed these out, it’s important to elevate your brand above the noise. Utilize data-driven content that speaks to the consumer and publication’s interests. Businesses that conduct their own research have the ability to provide media with reliable, original data to support a trend or story idea. For example, Formstack, a BLASTmedia client, developed the Google Analytics Report with original research to use in PR outreach as a way to generate brand awareness and downloads. After identifying target audiences and creating relevant articles and infographics, the team secured national press coverage with outlets such as The Huffington Post, Inc. and ReadWrite.

Studies also show an increased interest in visual content. In client conversations about 2015 planning, PR pros should inquire about plans for – or the ability to create - assets such as bite-sized graphics, charts, videos or full infographics. Remind clients that visual content is only as good as the data behind it, so it’s still important to include relevant, fresh data in content.

Thought leadership remains important. In 2015, PR professionals can also expect to see the trend of using contributed content to establish thought leadership of brands or individuals (think c-suite executives). With contributed content strategies in place, brands can effectively control messaging and establish a voice connected across earned and owned media. Email marketing software and service provider, Emma, offered expert commentary and visual, timely content to extend its voice, as seen in recent press coverage secured by ongoing media outreach.

“By highlighting newsworthy trends in your vertical, you’ll provide value to a larger audience, stand out due to your unique perspective, and be able to facilitate a discussion on the most important data and information for your industry to analyze,” writes Brian Honigman in a recent post about cultivating thought leadership with content.

However, thought leadership might be crowded in 2015, as publications flock toward the contributor model – along with competitors. When mapping out a thought leadership strategy, don’t forget about platforms that can foster the brand’s owned media. By incorporating regular blog posts on your site, creating a compelling YouTube series or producing podcasts to engage consumers, brands will better develop a cohesive voice across all media forms.

The pitch continues to change. All PR professionals know that the pitch is constantly evolving – and that still rings true when it comes to pitching content. While each editor will have personal preferences, the majority of press likes to be pitched an idea with supporting data, not a finished piece. Fractl industry research suggests that top media will be more receptive to a personalized email as opposed to a phone call: 81 percent want you to pitch by email, and less than 1 percent wanted to be pitched via the phone.

To grab an editor’s attention for content via email, offer them multiple story ideas and make sure the concise pitch is not mass emailed, but rather customized to a specific editor. The BLASTmedia team also recommends offering press easy-to-digest content such as a checklist or content that is easy to compartmentalize for use as supporting data or commentary in a larger story.

Many publications do accept contributed articles and guest posts, but you must get the content in the right hands. Continue to foster journalist relationships to explore how you can work together with data-driven content, industry commentary or reactive story ideas and supporting research.

Interested in utilizing contributed content or developing a strategic content marketing campaign in 2015? Contact Lindsey Groepper to find out how BLASTmedia can help.

Giving Thanks to Clients

Giving Thanks For Our Client Successes

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Not only is BLASTmedia thankful for the turkey that will soon be filling our stomachs – we are thankful for great client successes! Around this office, we are constantly striving to deliver the best campaign-based strategies possible, ranging from media relations to digital advertising, and more. Check out some of our top highlights from this past month!

  • CNET featured Skinit’s InkFusion Lite case as an affordable gift for the holidays.
  • Barcode Technology client, WASP, was included in an article for The Dallas Morning News on Texas job growth.
  • ibattz was included in Travel + Leisure for their Mojo Battstation Optimus 20400 charger and Newsday’s Tech gift guide.
  • Connected by TCP was included in an Associated Press article that ran on both ABC News and Yahoo News and was also featured in Retail Me Not’s 17 Gifts for Men.
  • The Oklahoman featured United Country Auction Services in list of Oklahoma real estate briefs.
  • Klhip’s Ultimate Clipper was included in Men’s Journal’s gift guide for well-groomed men.
  • Pelican’s ProGear Voyager phone case and Nobis’ Talia ladies reversible vest were featured in USA TODAY.
  • Fox Business included Stitch Labs CEO, Brandon Levey, in an article on small retailer pop-ups during the holidays
  • Speaker company, Boombotix, was featured in the LA Times and USA Today for their partnership with Wu-Tang Clan.
  • Mashable highlighted SMS Audio’s earphones and partnership with Feeding America in a holiday gift guide.
  • Our digital advertising campaign utilizing the new Facebook Video Views format for Men’s Ministry client, Men Stepping Up, lead to 2,800 videos in just 17 days. In addition to driving highly engaged website traffic the ad also received 202 ‘Likes,’ 10 comments and 100 shares.
  • The Adaptive Computing social media campaign for trade show, Supercomputering 2014, created and used the #MoabMatters hashtag to promote their presence. This hashtag was used to promote Adaptive’s speaking engagements, booth giveaway, Theater presentations, and product demos. As a result, the #MoabMatters tweets received 117,339 impressions and reached 14,295 Twitter accounts.

Interested in finding out how BLASTmedia can help your company? Contact Lindsey Groepper to hear how we can assist with your marketing needs. 

Digital Marketing Download: Introducing Snapcash and YouTube Music Key

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In this season of giving, sometimes social media bestows upon us exciting new offerings. Other times, a major social network takes away one of the best gifts they’ve ever given–free brand exposure. Check out this week’s Digital Marketing Download to find out what social media gifts we’re thankful for this week and who’s just being a Scrooge:

The image-based messaging app is partnering with Square to allow its users to send money to each other with a new payment feature called Snapcash. Unlike typical Snapchat messages, Snapcash messages don’t atomically disappear from chats; however, once you send money, there is no way to cancel the transaction.
Facebook announced that staring in January it will change the rankings of promotional posts issued by brands to reduce the number that appear in the newsfeed. According to Vindu Goel’s article for The New York Times, “Even posts from big advertisers that spend millions of dollars on Facebook ads will vanish from the news feeds of their fans unless they turn them into ads.”
Google’s new subscription music service rolled out in Beta this week. With the subscription service users will be able to pay $10 per month for ad-free music and videos. YouTube Music Key will also offer offline playback.

Interested in making some of the newest offerings in social media work for your company this holiday season and into the New Year? Contact Lindsey Gropper to find out how BLASTmedia can help! 
We are happy to announce our Google Certified Partnership Learn More