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Top 5 Apps and Sites to Up Your GIF-Game

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So you just laid down for bed and started scrolling through your news feeds for “only a quick second” when you’re suddenly slapped with a delicious triple layered cookie dough Oreo brownie assembling itself right before your very eyes. Feeling empowered by its sub 30-second simplicity, you think, “I could probably do that. I could definitely do that. I could do that right now!” And just like that you’re hooked, 45 minutes later you are a self-proclaimed master chef, with an entire arsenal full of quick clipped recipes, ready to take on the culinary world.

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Media Coverage Alone is Not a PR Strategy

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Recently, Ragan’s PRDaily reposted an article from the founder of a Bay Area communications agency, “PR’s obsession with media coverage.” Kevin’s point is reasonable and should be acknowledged by PR pros and marketing leadership: Media coverage is not synonymous with public relations, and not the only option for reaching target audiences with PR.

Don’t get me wrong, media relations is a staple at BLASTmedia – we’re good at it, and it drives results for our clients. But, media coverage alone can’t make up an entire communication strategy. With the amount of noise in modern marketing channels, and the short attention spans of audiences, it should just be one facet of an integrated marketing strategy.

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marketing intern

Hiring: Sales and Marketing Intern

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BLASTmedia, a national PR agency specializing in media relations, content creation and amplification, is currently looking for a paid Sales and Marketing Intern. The intern will gain an understanding of selling marketing services, executing lead generation and supporting internal marketing initiatives. This is a part time (10-15 hours weekly) opportunity available to students who are currently enrolled in with an accredited university program. Applicant must be a self-starter who can take direction, execute those directions with excellence and proactively seek ways to add their own unique value to those strategies. The applicant must have an interest in sales and be comfortable cold calling and prospecting.

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social media content calendar

How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar

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Is it the first of the quarter, month or even week and you’re strapped for what to feature on your social media channels? Leveraging a well-planned social media content calendar will not only rid you of these “oh no” moments, but also ensure your digital presence, the first touch point for many Gen Y and Gen Z audiences, is brand-consistent and chock-full of high-quality, meaningful messages.

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3 Ways to Connect With Generation Z

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Generations X, Y, and Z; the alphabet of generations post-WWII can make a marketer’s head spin, especially because each generation is so distinctly unique.

Generation X is now between the ages of 40 and 50 and unsurprisingly, their social media platform of choice is Facebook where they consume mostly blog articles and images. Generation Y, more commonly known as millennials, are between the ages of 22 and 34. They are comfortable with technology and do not know a world without the Internet. Because of this, mobile marketing is essential for connection with millennials.

But what about Generation Z?

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30-day creative challenge

30-Day Creative Challenge

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Already ditch your New Year’s resolution? We’re still going strong over here, but in the event you’ve lost motivation quicker than expected, no one is stopping you from a do-over. Jumpstart your creativity with this 30-day creative challenge. Don’t worry–it’s quicker and far easier than convincing yourself that you actually enjoy having spinach in all of your meals.

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phone pitching tips

5 Tips to Phone Pitch Like a Pro

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Phone pitching: yes, it can be scary. If you’re lucky enough to catch a reporter on the phone, you have about 10 seconds to hook them with an engaging bullet point about your client. The stakes feel high; these reporters are busy, important and you feel like a giant pest.

Except: you may have that missing piece of information they need to finish a story. As a PR professional, you have more power than you think.

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