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Digital Marketing Download: Twitter Helps You Catch Up on Missed Tweets

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What’s stopping you from getting all your news from social media? False stories in your Facebook News Feed? Missing important stories, because you’re not logged into Twitter? Remembering all those passwords? Facebook and Twitter aimed to squash all those problems this week.

Learn more about what these two social media giants were up to this week in our digital marketing download:

Facebook promises fewer hoax stories in your News Feed
According to CNET, Facebook’s new News Feed feature will allow users to report hoax stories appearing in their Feed. However, the social network won’t be removing content, but will instead include a warning stating that the story may contain false information.

Twitter now helps you catch up on missed Tweets
On Wednesday, Twitter announced a new feature, called Recap, that will show you three Tweets you missed, each time you log on to Twitter. According to The New York Times, the feature, which is “being added to Twitter’s iPhone app immediately, will be extended to Android and web versions in the cophoneming weeks.”

Twitter’s password-killing tool is now available on the web
Twitter rolled out the web version of Digits, part of the new Twitter Fabric set of tools for developers,  designed to eliminate traditional passwords. According to Mashable, Digits allows users who have already logged in to a mobile app with their phone, to log in to the app’s corresponding website using their phone number and conversation code delivered via SMS.

Getting news and information from social media is increasingly common. In fact, according to a 2014 study by Pew Research, 30% of U.S. adults get their news from Facebook. Want to make sure your stories are being heard? Contact Lindsey Gropper to learn more about how BLASTmedia can secure coverage for your brand and help it live longer on social media.

Digital Ad Metrics for a Winning Campaign

Digital Advertising Metrics for a Winning Campaign

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The biggest sports event of the season is less than two weeks away and while our beloved Colts fell a bit short of the Super Bowl, we’ll still tune in to watch the big game. Football aside, we’re also big fans of a winning digital ad campaign and couldn’t help but notice how the strategies for success mirrored that of a football game.

Winning at digital advertising requires a solid game plan from the start and it must include the right lineup of digital ad metrics, seen here:

  • Impressions and Reach. Impressions are how many times an ad has been seen, where reach is how many unique people have seen it. We use these metrics to gauge how effectively we’re reaching a target audience. They can tell us whether the ad is reaching the right amount of people, or whether they’re seeing the ad too many times and becoming exhausted and unengaged.
  • Clicks. Many agencies have moved toward a programmatic model, where mass impressions at a low cost are the campaign goal and clicks are secondary. At BLASTmedia, we believe ad clicks are still what make a winning campaign. They give purpose to the impressions and validate their role in the campaign’s success. If an ad has one million impressions but only a few clicks, that’s not likely to achieve much success or prove cost-effective.
  • CTR (click-through-rate) and CPC (cost-per-click). these are the more detailed metrics that show up on the stat sheet for clicks. In football, a receiver with 75 catches is great, unless they were for one yard each and he dropped 50 others. A lot of clicks may seem successful, but if those make up only 0.05% of every person who saw the ad, you need to revisit the targeting and copy to find a more engaging way of reaching the audience. Likewise for CPC, which helps determine bang-for-the-buck in a campaign and whether too much money is being spent to reach the right audience.
  • Conversions and Assisted Conversions. If we’re drawing similarities to football players, these would be their touchdowns. Whether the goal is product purchases, trial signups, app downloads, etc. a conversion measures how many occur as a result of ad clicks. It’s important to note the difference between a conversion – an action taken immediately after the ad click during the same visit to the website – and an assisted conversion, or a click and inevitable (not immediate) action. Not all platforms drive direct conversions. Many provide information to users, so that other marketing efforts can move them toward a conversion. In these cases, assisted conversions are important for showing that the ads still played a valuable role.
  • CPA (cost-per-acquisition). This metric is the final score of a digital ad campaign. It tells us the overall cost-effectiveness of the campaign, and whether it made the client money. CPA is basically the amount spent on the campaign divided by the number of conversions it created. If an ad results in 50 sales that came at $25 each, we must then determine whether spending that much per sale made for a good return. If the product makes the client $25.01 per sale, then the campaign was profitable. Like the final score on a football field, there’s no arguing with the results. The ad either wins or it falls short, and when that happens you must turn to the lineup of metrics to evaluate performance and see how things can be tweaked for future success.

In the digital ads world, the game plan can change drastically from one campaign to another. It’s important to use these main metrics as a roadmap to gauge success, but nothing is set in stone. True success requires you to set specific goals for every ad that runs, be it brand awareness or direct product sales.

Our digital advertising team works hands-on to optimize each ad campaign according to specific client goals, using these metrics and others to achieve success. If you’re interested in giving your digital ads strategy a boost, contact Lindsey Groepper for more information.


Leveraging Customer Stories for Customer Acquisition

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Making the trip through the sales funnel as smooth as possible can mean the difference between a prospect and a client. And while there are a million blogs sharing tips on how to go about doing bringing in new customers, one idea may be overlooked – case studies.

As one of the most effective ways to show potential customers the benefit of implementing a service or solution, case studies are created to provide prospects with a digestible sampling of results. Case studies are one of the easiest ways to shed light on a problem a prospect isn’t currently aware of, or one they didn’t know had a solution.

In order to leverage a customer story as marketing collateral you first must check off these few items to ensure you have a compelling use case:

What was the problem the customer faced and what were key components needed for the solution?

  • Real-life example: Our client, Adaptive Computing, had a goal of becoming more of an industry leader in the big data and super-computing space. In order to help Adaptive achieve its goal, BLASTmedia recommended using blog content to pitch to PR contacts and share via social media channels. BLASTmedia was able to help Adaptive identify the problem and provide a variety of components (in this case, building a team of bloggers, editing the content, pitching it to the media and sharing it socially) to solve the problem.

How many other providers did they demo before settling and what set your solution apart from the rest?

  • Take-away tip: It’s no secret BLASTmedia is located in Indiana, the cross roads of America – riddled with corn fields and basketball players. However, we’ve worked with clients across the country and are able to compete on every level (as noted by Nikki Martin, Vice President of G-Unit Records and Entertainment). G-Unit Entertainment has worked with other PR and digital advertising companies, yet always found its way to BLASTmedia. This isn’t about tooting our own horn – find out who your competition is and what sets you apart. Once you’ve nailed that down, you’ve identified a key potion of the case study.

Is there data to share that will help others see the value in your service or solution?

  • Good data-mining questions: How much time did you save after implementing the solution? How much money was saved? Did revenue grow? Was it easy to implement and use across departments? Did you see a return on investment?

Once you’ve collected the meat of the case study and wrapped it in a nice bow, put the content on your site for others to see. You should also gate the content in order to target warm leads – you know if someone is downloading your case study, they’ve likely experienced the same or similar problems. All you need to do is follow up and see how you can help them.

For more examples of customer stories that may help get your creative juices flowing, visit:

How to Play the Digital Marketing Game

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Businesses looking to expand their digital marketing and media relations campaigns often spend a lot of time debating the return on investment (ROI) of hiring an agency. Every agency has heard the age-old question, “Yes, but is this going to help me sell more product?” The answer, in short, is No. Not unless you’re playing the game correctly.

The ROI for media relations used to be incredibly difficult to measure, but agencies like BLASTmedia have latched on to what we like to call “The Mousetrap” analogy for paid, earned, and owned media.

If you’ve never played the game, Mousetrap is played by setting up a series of slides, ramps, and rails for a silver ball to travel from the top of the course to the bottom. As many kids soon realized after their toddler siblings or pets lost (or ate) a few pieces, the silver ball won’t travel down the elaborate system with a missing piece. It falls flat and goes nowhere.

That’s kind of like your digital marketing plan. Without utilizing crucial pieces in digital marketing and media relations, your company’s campaigns and messaging sink fast. Instead of relying on the Wall Street Journal article to push your company to the top of the search results, try promoting that article on Twitter or Facebook through a paid ad as well. If your brand hasn’t tweeted since last year, consider implementing new processes and a social media guide before embarking on a PR campaign. After all, second to your website, Twitter and Facebook are the next place editors will look for information on your company.

Having a healthy balance of paid, earned, and owned media will increase the chances of success for your digital marketing plan and drive people closer to purchasing your product. Using targeted, diverse content in all three places ensures the people you reach are lower in the sales funnel and much more likely to purchase or request additional information.

At BLASTmedia, our paid, earned, and owned teams work as an integrated whole to provide our clients with the best possible chance of increasing sales, leads, or whatever goal you might have in mind. Have more questions? Contact us, we’d love to help!

Digital Marketing Download: Facebook At Work Hits App Stores

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Social platforms are continuing to expand their offerings for a more robust experience for their users and marketers. Facebook is no exception with this week’s announcements of  the ‘Facebook At Work’ app and the inclusion of Amber Alerts to news feeds. Oh, did we mention that Snapchat is asking brands to pay $750,000 to advertise and they have no intention of budging?

Find out more in this week’s Digital Marketing Download:

‘Facebook At Work’ Hits App Stores. Facebook’s new smartphone app, Facebook At Work, became available in app stores this past week as the social channel beefs up its efforts to make its way into the office space. In its attempt to differentiate itself from other social network services, Facebook At Work will eliminate the presence of ads and not track or store user data. Additionally, the app will utilize a feature called Groups in attempt to replace email’s ever-growing email lists.

Snapchat Is Asking Brands for $750,000 to Advertise and Wont Budge. Word on the street is that Snapchat is asking top dollar for brands to advertise and they have no intention of negotiating their minimums. While some think this is a lofty expense for the relatively new app, many large brands (McDonald’s, Samsung, Macy’s and Electronic Arts, to name a few) have taken the plunge in the past year dishing out the dollars to share a quick video or photo in users’ Recent Updates to reach the platforms teenage demographic.

Facebook To Add Missing Child Alerts To Your News Feed. In partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, Facebook has launched their effort to help find missing children by including Amber Alerts into the news feeds of users. This new initiative will target users who live near the search zone and send them a post on the missing child.  Available on both desktop and mobile phones, users will be able to get additional information by clicking “learn more” and be able to share the post on their personal timeline.

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Digital Marketing Download: Beyoncé Knowles, CES 2015

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Whether it’s social media CMOs, a boy and a dog, or a super-fan and her favorite celebrity, social media has an uncanny ability to connect. From the heartwarming to the humorous, below are our three favorite digital marketing related headlines from the past week.

Beyoncé followed someone on Instagram and the beyhive freaked out.

Beyoncé may not have the most followers on Instagram, but I’m willing to argue that her 23.2 million buzzing bees are indeed the most observant. On January 7, 2014 at approximately 3:00 PM (eastern), Bey fans noticed a slight increase in the number of people that the celeb was following (from 0 to 1). In frenzy to figure out what relation the luck gal had to Queen Bey, over 4,000 Instagram users requested access to the private account @thaisalcosta. Alas, no explanation for the unexpected follow has come to light.

Thousands of Facebook users share their dog photos to cheer up a sick teen.

Arizona teen Anthony Lyons is currently undergoing chemotherapy for lymphoblastic leukemia, which he was diagnosed with last year. As part of his treatment, Anthony participates in regular visits from therapy dogs. Because the dogs are only allowed inside the hospital on certain days, Anthony’s family member created the Facebook Page, Photo Doggies for Anthony, which now has over 32,000 likes, and just as many photos of adorable pups for Anthony to look through.

At CES, Facebook, Google and Pinterest executives say data is key to entertainment marketing.

In a rare meeting of the minds at CES 2015, executives from Facebook, Google and Pinterest spoke to the importance of data in marketing. “From an entertainment marketer standpoint, we have a tremendous amount of data on what’s taking off and what’s driving engagement. We’re at a place now where we can help solve a problem: that there is such a volume of content that the audience is looking for solutions to help find the content that matters to them.” said Jim Underwood, head of entertainment strategy at Facebook.

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Thinking Outside the Box at CES 2015: #carpetsofCES

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There is a multitude of cool tech coming out of CES 2015: a water-resistant wireless speaker, self-driving Mercedez-Benz car, fashionable LED wearables and smartphone charger that boosts battery life in a matter of seconds! With all of this cool tech, how could we possibly pick our favorite thing featured at CES?

With an international tradeshow of CES’s caliber, you’ve got to think outside the box… See #carpetsofCES.

The hashtag represents exactly what you think it does – the ornate carpets adorning the floors of the Conference Center and Las Vegas hotels surrounding the show. We can credit CBS/CNET Senior Photographer, James Martin for the innovative look (literally) at the show floor.

Take a look at some of the top carpets of CES:

Be it comical, the hahstag represents an opportunity for brands to capitalize on what’s being discussed around them. Contribute to the conversation and gain a potential new following, plus a laugh or two. It’s also an important lesson to not take yourself (or your brand) too seriously. Poke fun and engage with your social media audience in an organic way.

We have our eyes on what people are talking about. From #carpetsofCES to #AlexFromTarget, BLASTmedia understands the social media space and how we can leverage it for your brand. Plus, if you need help at a tradeshow or industry event, our account executives will secure press meetings and ensure your message is tailored for the media. Get a behind the scenes look at BLASTmedia at CES 2015!

Behind the Scenes at CES 2015: Press Meetings

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Yes, the press might be some of the first to share the inside scoop from The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), happening this week in Vegas, but before that news gets to you, it’s a series of press meetings in a briefing book. Not only does BLASTmedia assist our clients by making outreach to the press and lining up meetings, but we also help facilitate press meetings and follow-up with press after the show.

This week, much of our team is attending CES, representing our clients and assisting with press meetings. Here’s a behind the scenes look some of the meetings that are turning into coverage for our clients.

Watch Engadget’s CES interview with SMS Audio’s 50 Cent.

.@50cent at #CES2015 @foxbusiness for @smsaudio #SMSAudio

A photo posted by @kikivon_g on

Read Liz Claman’s CES preview on Fox Business, including mention of her interview with 50 Cent, founder of SMS Audio (above) and RZA of Wu Tang Clan, who’s embedding never-before released songs into Boombotix speakers.

@carrieljohnson rocking it out for ibattz today. #CES2015

A photo posted by Taylor Harruff (@tay_ruff) on

Although CES is the largest consumer electronics show in the world, it’s obviously not the only event BLASTmedia clients or the press attend. If you company is looking for how to best leverage your company’s presence at an upcoming trade show or industry event, BLASTmedia can help. Contact Lindsey Groepper to learn more.

Pandora and BLASTmedia: Selecting the Right Vendor for Your Digital Ad Campaign

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Our clients partner with BLASTmedia because they demand high performance from their digital ad campaigns. As we explore different ways to help our clients engage with their target audiences, BLAST looks for best of breed vendors and platforms.

When we kicked off a new product campaign for adidas, we knew Pandora was the right partner. Pandora’s ability to segment and micro-target with customized messages (and music streams) separates them from other music platforms. That targeting flexibility, combined with a high standard of results, fits well with BLAST’s philosophy of putting our clients first. As BLASTmedia CEO, Kelly Hendricks explains, “Pandora is a trusted vendor who knows how to work with agencies and is focused on making our clients look good!”

While selecting the correct vendor or platform to run a client’s digital ad campaign is important, just having the right vendor isn’t enough to make a campaign effective. In today’s digital landscape, optimization is the key ingredient for a successful campaign. In order for optimization to reach it’s full potential, an agency must be willing to A/B test, keep their ego’s in check and always look for what’s best for their clients. These split second adjustments can be the difference in a successful campaign.

The results that BLAST and Pandora were able to obtain for adidas came from several key ad optimizations. Leveraging a mobile audio solution, which included a full-screen companion tile and a smaller companion banner, allowed for adidas to have multiple banner ads to accompany its digital radio ad. Utilizing day-part targeting, specifically targeting listeners during the peak workout hours of 6am-9am and then peak hours for on-the-go fitness enthusiasts from 4pm-8pm, allowed for increased website traffic. Lastly, managing the age demo targeting was a key component in the overall success of this campaign, as only potential miCoach users were targeted and therefore money was not wasted on users who would have no interest in this product line.

Learn more about our success with Pandora in Pandora’s Mobile Ad Case Study.

As brands are looking toward their marketing strategies for 2015, the importance of a trusted digital advertising strategy is crucial. With tried and true sales funnel methodology within the digital advertising space, BLASTmedia can meet any of your digital needs – contact Lindsey Groepper for more information.

Promoted Pins

Promoted Pins Now Available, Beta Learnings

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January 1 welcomed not only the New Year and the hopeful resolutions therein, but also reservation-lifted Promoted Pins for brand advertisers. Now there’s a cause for celebration!

Best of all? They were worth the eight month wait. Promoted Pins Beta testing didn’t disappoint, according to Pinterest’s latest blog. Key findings include:

  • Promoted Pins performed just as well (and sometimes better) than organic Pins. Brand advertisers achieved about a 30% bump in earned media from their campaigns. Engagement was also strong— the average Pin is repinned 11 times, and that remained true for Promoted Pins (if not higher).
  • Promoted Pins performed long after a campaign ends. Since Pins are evergreen and last forever, Pinterest often saw an extra 5% bump in earned media in the month following the end of a campaign.
  • Auction-based Promoted Pins saw success, too. Many of Pinterest’s self-serve beta partners saw major gains in traffic and impressions.

My favorite find from the Promoted Pins Beta testing period? According to Pinterest, brands both in and out of core categories (including auto and even financial services) found success. Looking to learn more about how your brand can leverage Promoted Pins? Be sure to look out for Pinterest’s Pinstitute in the coming months!

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