BLASTmedia 2014 Fall Internships Now Available!

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BLASTmedia_Blog_Fall14Intern Dreaming of a career in public relations, social media, digital advertising, graphic design, or video production? If you are a student with a passion for PR, marketing, advertising, or design, go ahead and put those final touches on your resume because BLASTmedia is now accepting applications for its 2014 fall internships!

The goals of BLASTmedia’s internship program are to expose hardworking and conscientious students to the fast-paced agency world and to equip them with work samples and valuable experiences that could lead to a strategic communications career. Don’t believe me? See what some of our past interns and current employees have to say about our program:

The BLAST Internship Program from BLASTmedia on Vimeo.

We are accepting resumes for all five 2014 fall internships listed below until Friday, June 6. Please send the requested information to the contact listed for that specific internship.

Public Relations Internship Responsibilities:

  • Draft PR, client, and media materials
  • Attend and participate in client calls and activities
  • Industry tracking and research
  • National news monitoring
  • Assist in pitching and generating national media coverage
  • Regular contact with the media for relevant client account work
  • Electronic media clip creation
  • Editorial calendar management
  • New business research


  • Must have prior internship experience
  • Junior and senior students are eligible
  • Aptitude for a fast-paced work environment
  • A self-starter with the ability to manage several projects at once

Resume and cover letter to: Kim Puckett /

Social Media Internship (General Focus) Responsibilities:

  • Assist in implementation of social media strategies for consumer and B2B technology clients
  • Brainstorm ideas for editorial calendars
  • Write client blogs
  • Produce Facebook and Twitter content for promotions
  • Manage online contests and giveaways


  • Prior internship experience preferred
  • Exemplary writing ability
  • Working knowledge of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, WordPress, and social bookmarking tools
  • Working knowledge of search engine optimization and keyword research
  • Aptitude for a fast-paced work environment
  • A self-starter with the ability to manage several projects at once

Resume, cover letter, and work samples to: Chrissy Astbury /

Social Media Internship (Writing Focus) Responsibilities:

  • Assist in implementation of social media strategies for consumer and B2B technology clients
  • Compose a minimum of 3 blog posts per week
  • Develop client blog editorial calendars
  • Conduct research for blog calendars and blog posts
  • Assist with ongoing content assignments including (but not limited to) case studies, video scripts, web copy and infographic research


  • Prior internship experience preferred
  • Exemplary writing ability (previous writing experience required)
  • General knowledge of search engine keywords and optimization
  • Aptitude for a fast-paced work environment
  • A self-starter with the ability to manage several projects at once

Resume, cover letter, and three (3) writing samples to: Chrissy Astbury /

Digital Advertising/Paid Media Internship Responsibilities:

  • The Paid Media Intern will primarily work on social ad production, content creation, and audience interaction and engagement across a number of different social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube (TrueView ads), LinkedIn, and Twitter. From targeting and creative strategy to campaign management and optimization, if it has to do with social ads, you will be involved.


  • The Paid Media Intern is accountable for increasing inbound marketing leads through expanding our clients’ digital reach, brand awareness, and content development. This position requires the utilization of website traffic analysis tools and industry-standard PPC/advertising analysis tools to quantitatively provide recommendations that improve the marketing/advertising effort.

Resume, cover letter, and work samples to: Aaron Moreno /

Creative Department Internship (Design Focus) Responsibilities:

  • Assist with design and layout for a multitude of creative assets including (but not limited to) social branding, contests & promotions, motion graphics, banner ads, as well as digital assets for various video projects
  • Brainstorm ideas for various creative projects
  • Assist with planning, writing, and storyboarding for motion graphics related projects and Infographics


  • Strong knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and InDesign.
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Premiere is a plus
  • Aptitude for a fast-paced work environment
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Exemplary writing ability

Please send resume, cover letter, and work examples or creative portfolio link to: Paul Schreiber /

Our internships are not paid, but you will receive school credit and have flexibility to tailor the internship around your class and work schedule. Application Deadline for All Internships: Friday, June 6, 2014

Interested? Email your resume, cover letter, and work/writing samples to the contacts listed above. Connect with us on Twitter at @BLASTmediaPR for general questions or email a contact above for further details. Looking forward to hearing from you!

No Dislike Button Yet, but Other Changes from Facebook

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Facebook changes. What's new.

For Facebook, change is definitely constant. Some of the changes made by Facebook have been well received by users, others not so much. If you’re like me, you are still holding out for the “dislike” button.  In the meantime, other changes from Facebook are just going to have to do and, don’t worry, they are happening.

  • New Facebook Layout. In March, Facebook rolled out their their new design for the news feed. The Facebook layout update ensured that the new desktop version of the news feed looked and behaved like the Facebook mobile app. The new layout was purely visual and focused on giving users a better online experience when on the platform.
  • Updated Facebook Algorithm. Hopefully, you aren’t on Facebook sharing posts that beg people to ‘Like,’ comment, or share. If you are, stop it. Facebook has made algorithm modifications in order to show less of these posts. You can help in eliminating ‘Like’-baiting posts by hiding them once you see them pop up in your timeline. Overall, Facebook is making changes to their algorithm to share higher quality posts across the platform. In an effort to make sure you see those higher quality stories, Facebook will continue to show them to you to make sure that you aren’t missing topics that your friends might be discussing. Brands can benefit from these algorithm tweaks because now they have the ability to tag other brands in a post. That tagged post will appear in the other brands timeline, which reaches their audience as well.

Image Source:

Facebook Survey. Recently, I was asked by Facebook on my personal account to take a survey.

Survey Facebook

It had me click through some sample posts and rate whether I was interested in that particular post and if I liked seeing those kinds of posts in my timeline. I walked through about ten examples of Facebook posts – some where from businesses and others were from family and friends. They were posts that I would typically see in my timeline and it gave Facebook a better idea of whether those were actually of interest or not. I only took it yesterday, so it’s left to be seen if my newsfeed features more stories that I actually want to read and ‘Like.’

Have you seen the Facebook survey yet? Let us know in the comments! 

  • Nearby Friends on Facebook. The latest mobile Facebook feature called Nearby Friends uses location information, so friends can track each other in real time. The feature makes it easy to track where your friends are so you can you meet up with them in real life. Thinking this might be a great opportunity to track down your ex? Sorry! Nearby Friends is NOT turned on by default. In order to see where people are when it is turned on, they have to add to you a list of approved friends. Moving forward, Nearby Friends could expand to the possibility for marketers to utilize current location for social advertising. Meaning that marketers could use location information to share ads for shops and businesses with people that are at nearby places.

As an ever-changing social platform, changes from Facebook are going to continue to be consistent. We mention a few of these above, but there are many more that could have been featured. Continue to visit the BLASTmedia blog for more information about changes from Facebook and other social media news!

Reach out to BLASTmedia for help staying up with the latest from this ever-changing platform!

When BLASTmedia and Google Team Up, it’s a Home Run for Our Clients!

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Spring has finally sprung, and that means our national pastime is back in full swing! Baseball may be getting started, but here at BLAST the real action is happening off the diamond and inside our offices. That’s because we’ve brought a red-hot all-star to our winning team – the world’s largest search engine.

That’s right, BLASTmedia and Google are now partnered up, and that makes for an unstoppable pairing as perfect as peanuts and Cracker Jacks.

We did it by becoming a certified Google Partner. That means when it comes to Google AdWords advertising, BLAST is in a league of its own. Whether it’s PPC, video advertising, Display Network, you name it, we’ve proven to Google that BLAST is a pro at Google advertising practices and continuously delivers great results for our clients. In fact, when it comes to campaign performance and best practices, Google grades BLASTmedia above-average even when compared to its other certified partners. That’s a winning record few can claim, and BLAST is doing it every day for every client.

So if you need a big win in paid media, the choice is simple: put the BLASTmedia team into the game. You’ll get a level of expertise and success that Google itself is willing to sign its name to. And you’ll get our exclusive access to the latest Google ads features, best practices training, and industry insights. Think of it as Google giving us access to its secret playbook, and you’ll see the edge this partnership gives BLASTmedia. Because winning the online advertising game isn’t about one good play, it’s about staying ahead of the competition all season long. Google trusts that BLAST is doing that, enough to put their certification badge on our website. So if you want to be a paid media champion in your industry, don’t trust an underdog. Go with the Google-certified winner – BLASTmedia!

BLASTmedia Employee Spotlight: Erin Witt

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Meet Erin Witt

Meet our latest addition to the BLASTmedia PR team, Erin Witt! Erin comes to us as a contender for not only top-tier press coverage, but also our highly coveted best-dressed award. From her public relations prowess to her supermom abilities, we’re pretty sure there’s nothing she can’t accomplish. Learn more about Erin, straight from the source:

  • Hometown: I grew up in Oak Harbor, Ohio — a very small town near Lake Erie.
  • College: I started at DePauw University as a vocal performance major, but developed nodes my sophomore year (yes, just like in Pitch Perfect!). A switch to journalism ultimately led to my transfer to and graduation from Butler University. Go Dawgs!
  • Favorite childhood memory: Growing up on Lake Erie, I spent a lot of time on my Grandpa’s boat. We were on the water almost every weekend. That fishy lake smell most people hate actually makes me nostalgic.
  • Favorite Indianapolis neighborhood: I have a soft spot for Butler-Tarkington. There are so many great hidden gems in that neighborhood, from the canal paths to all the quiet little nooks in Holcomb Gardens. I love the retro feel of the homes in the neighborhood, too.
  • Favorite movie: Empire Records. “Welcome to MusicTown.”
  • Favorite food: I love Indian food, sushi and guacamole. Just not together.
  • Favorite quote: “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” - Ernest Hemingway
  • First job: In high school, I worked in the kitchen of a yacht club on Catawba Island, Ohio, where I made salads all summer and learned a lot of great culinary skills. I also learned I wasn’t a big fan of restaurant work. My REAL first job was with the City of Indianapolis, where I was a media assistant for Mayor Stephen Goldsmith during his last year in office.
  • Fun fact: My family and I are extremely geeky and love Doctor Who. My daughter sported a Weeping Angel costume for Halloween, my son was the Doctor and my husband dressed up as the Tardis. And if you understand any of that, cool points for you.
  • Where do you get your news: Twitter and Jimmy Fallon’s nightly monologue.
  • Hobbies: My 8-yr-old daughter, Isabelle, and my 10-yr-old son, Riley occupy most of my free time. I spend many, many hours shuttling them between dance studios and athletic fields and archery ranges, and they provide an endless stream of fodder for my tweets about #MomProblems. I love to read, and if I have a spare minute, you’ll find my nose in a book. (A real book, with actual pages.) I’m a  writing junkie, in and out of the office. Finally, I’m a huge football fan with an almost unhealthy passion for the Buckeyes, the Colts and my son’s junior tackle team.

Be sure to check out the new BLASTmedia website if you are interested in learning more about how our PR, social media, paid media, and creative teams can help grow your business!

3 Places You Can Use Emojis, and 3 Places You Can’t

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With the recent rollout of emojis for Twitter’s desktop version and the addition of Yelp’s emoji search function, it’s safe to say that emojis are becoming an integral part of the Internet landscape. And even though world-class companies like Twitter and Yelp are hopping on the emoji train, there are still some platforms that remain completely emoji-free. Want to know if your salsa dancing lady or red stiletto heel will show up as the emoji it was intended to be as opposed to a little black box? Read on for a list of pro- (and anti-) emoji platforms.


  • Smartphone. From sending song lyrics using exclusively emojis to speaking in code with your bestie, the uses for emojis on your smartphone are practically endless. They allow us the freedom to express emotion without having to worry about spelling mistakes or embarrassing mispronunciations (because, grammar is hard). 
  • Twitter. It’s no surprise that Twitter for mobile has been emoji friendly for quite some time. New to the game, though, is emojis for Twitter on the web. Earlier in April, Twitter announced that they would no longer discriminate against the tiny picture characters that we love so much.


  • Yelp. That is right; you can now use emojis to search on Yelp. Simply type in a picture of your favorite food and voila, your favorite restaurant will appear right before your eyes. It’s practical magic, it’s everything you’ve ever wanted, it’s innovation at its finest. Okay, maybe not. But it is pretty awesome.


  • Across Smartphone Operating Systems. iPhone users have access to emojis. Android users have access to emojis. All is right with the world! Right? Wrong. What happens when the aforementioned bestie isn’t using the same operating system that you are? As it turns out, you may have trouble getting your emoji message across.
  • Embedded Tweets. Creating emoji-laden tweets? Easy. Embedding emoji-laden tweets onto your blog? Well, that’s a whole different story. Currently, emojis only show up as black and white boxes when embedded onto a website or blog, but we’re assuming that Twitter will resolve this in the near future.


  • Google. If I can search using emojis on Yelp, then I want to search using emojis on Google. That is all.  

Looking for an extra pair of eyes to help you stay on top of the latest social media trends? Contact Lindsey Groepper to learn how your brand could benefit from our emoji expertise. 

BLASTmedia Keeps Clients Looking Good!

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At BLASTmedia, we value looking good – whether it’s keeping up with the latest fashions or helping bolster the online image of our clients. Want to know how you can look your best in front of the press, at a retail meeting, or to the average consumer? Let us show you some examples:

pr media coverage

  • Looking for the perfect wedding gift? CNET suggests Connected by TCP, our client’s smart home LED lighting kit.
  • Tired of your old timepiece and ready to join the digital watch revolution? According to Forbes, Phosphor’s Touch Time is a must-have.
  • Want to use your trusty iPhone for work, but worried about security issues? Entrepreneur quotes the experts at ProtectCELL for ways to reduce security risks.
  • Do you like to tackle “spring cleaning” without all the blood, sweat, and tears? recommends the Monster 600XL for consumers looking for a quick and easy option to make the home look great!

Need help getting your brand looking its best? Contact Lindsey Groepper to learn more about how BLASTmedia can help.

Changes to Google+ – What The Hell Happened?!

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For anyone who loves the underrated social media platform that is Google+, you might notice some changes to the page. Last week, Google quietly implemented some major alterationss to the site. Gone are the days of measuring engagement by the number of followers of a page. Introducing a new way to gauge the exposure of you content – Google+ Page Views.

Google veteran Eddie Kessler explains that the new Google+ page view analytic is “the sum of your profile, post and photo views since October 2012.” Kessler also explains that with a simple change in the setting tabs, users can opt out of using this information.

New Google+ changes

Though Facebook utilizes page views for organization/business pages, this change to Google+ makes it the first of the major social media platforms to utilize this type of analytic data for both personal and business pages. Twitter has likewise been in the test stages of using more analytic data for personal Twitter accounts, and rumor has it that the days of Twitter measurement will focus less on retweets and favorites, and more on tweet-specific views and shares.

Measurement of activity on Google+ has been difficult for content creators since its inception in June 2011. The “Ripples” feature, a part of Google+ that visually describes the reach of a user’s content, is aesthetically pleasing, but not very reliable in terms of analytics. The change to Google+ page views is a more realistic estimate of engagement on Google+.

That said, it is important to keep that word “estimate” in mind. The help page from Google explains that “view counts may not be exact, and they may not be updated in real time.” More details are covered in a Google+ post from company architect Yonatan Zunger.

An additional change to Google+ includes a reevaluation of the nearly omnipotent “+1” button. Though you can still “+1” pages, there is less focus on “+1” for content since the new views feature allows you to gauge content engagement.

What are you thoughts on the newest changes to Google+? Do you think the number of views from a Google+ post are relevant, or even accurate? Let us know in the comments section below, drop us a line at the BLASTmedia Google+ page, or visit BLASTmedia’s Facebook!

Chow Down: BLASTmedia Pinterest Pitch-In

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Pinterest party recipes
We challenged our fellow BLASTies to whip out their computers, put on their creative culinary thinking caps, and throw down for the BLASTmedia Pinterest Pitch-In!

Being the digital savvy agency we are, we love – no, obsess – over all things social. The only thing I can honestly say we might love equally (if not more) is food. Meshing our admiration for a crafting culinary concoctions with our experience and appreciation for this virtual bulletin board resulted in the best company pitch-in to-date!

So cue the drumroll please! Here is a snippet of some of the recipes that became BLASTmedia pallet approved:

  • Turtle Cheesecake Dip via Grace Williams – This dip has it all! Chocolate, caramel and a whipped topping. Yum! Went quite well with a Vanilla Wafer.
  • Pizza Monkey Bread via Anna Julow – Need we say more? This was a crowd-pleaser. Half stuffed with pepperoni and half stuffed with a veggie mixture.
  • Lasagna Stuffed Shells via Kiersten Moffatt- A  lasagna filling stuffed inside pasta shells topped with a tomato sauce.
  • Spinach Dip via Kathleen Blotsky – A classic party side, you will not be upset with this easy and delicious dip.
  • Is cooking not your forte? That’s ok! Why not assemble a vegetable owl tray? Jacqueline Simard mastered that one. It was just as well received as Brian Walker’s delicious chocolate cake.

Name your best Pinterest taste treat!

Best Free Stock Photography Sites (Without the BS)

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Best Free Stock PhotographyIf you’re a designer, blogger, or digital marketer of any kind, you’re likely familiar with the process of sorting through terrible stock photography. If you’re not familiar with the process, just know that it sucks.

Here’s the problem. First, the well-known stock photography sites are expensive. Like, really expensive.  Unless you’ve been #blessed with an unlimited budget for your imagery, you won’t find anything at a decent size without it looking very… stocky.

So besides the iStocks of the web, are there not cheaper options? Yes. There are. Too many, in fact. Some quick googling will reveal hundreds of sites for “cheap stock photography.” Many even claim to offer “free stock photography.”  Sound too good to be true? That’s because it is, mostly. More often than not, you’ll find “free stock photography” that:

  • Isn’t actually free (rude)
  • Buried in not-free libraries (time-consuming)
  • Requires attribution (not an option in many cases)
  • Is terrible

There are some free, beautiful little needles in this very large haystack, however.  I trudged through the garbage and found what I believe to be the best options. You can use the photos from all of these sites for personal or commercial use (yes, even ads) without having to credit the photographer. And they’re pretty.

  • – 10 images added every 10 days
  • – new images added weekly
  • – (provide email) 7 hi-res images zipped up in your inbox every 7 days.
  • – (provide email) 10 images within a certain category emailed monthly
  • – vintage images from the public archives, but curated and awesome
  • – extensive library organized into categories
  • – includes a search function, which is unique to similar sites
  • – collection of free user-submitted mobile photos (not your typical iPhonography)
  • – just a dude sharing photos, helpfully broken down into categories
  • – this is cheating a little since they aren’t photos, but it’s a collection of cool free patterns

Do you know of a site that should be added to this list? Comment below!

We Don’t [April] Fool Around with Client Coverage

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Coverage Blog April 2

We’re not joking around about this client coverage! See how BLASTmedia has been helping out client this March:

  • Forget to turn off the lights when you’ve rushed out of the house? Connected by TCP, a product that allows you to control your lights from your smartphone, was highlighted on Fox News.
  • Ibattz Mojo Refuel battery case was featured in Men’s Health piece on 10 Gadgets that Make Your Life Easier.
  • Our attention spans are shrinking, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be effective in our email marketing. Check out Emma, covered by Entrepreneur.
  • “It’s not about the pace, it’s about the race!” Brian Nohe, president of SMS Audio, details their entrepreneurial strategy for their audio and accessories brand in Entreprenuer.
  • Looking for a great way to cancel out all that office noise? SMS Audio was featured in a roundup for the best noise canceling headphones in Men’s Journal.
  • How safe is your personal online information? Wiley Publishing and author of “Carry On,” Bruce Schneier, were featured in April’s print issue of Money Magazine. Check out an excerpt below to learn how to create a safer password:

photo 4

Want to learn how BLASTmedia can help secure top-tier coverage for your product or service? Contact Lindsey Groepper today!

We are happy to announce our Certified Google Partnership Learn More