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HTML 101: Coding for Non-Developers

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Coding isn’t just for your office’s web developer, who you’ve probably seen parsing through lines of — is that Spanish? No wait, what are those arrow brackets? — code trying to spruce up a client’s landing page. Designers, SEO analysts and bloggers all reap a heap of benefits by being able to read and write code. Oh, you don’t fall into one of those categories? Guess what! You too can benefit from understanding at least the basic ins and outs of computer coding.

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Chatbots, PR apps, social media data — oh my!

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Do you know what’s up with customer-facing AI chatbots, PR-specific apps and the latest data on how people respond to social media posts? It’s possible your answer is ‘no’ — and that’s alright! While it’s essential for PR pros to stay on top of industry trends, it’s hard to keep track of everything going on in the news today. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered with three of the top stories to bring you up-to-speed:

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Snapchat Video – 4 Things Marketers Need to Know

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I do not like Snapchat. There, I said it. Between all of the ridiculously awkward selfies, vertical video syndrome, rainbow vomiting makeovers, and sponsored lenses, I find the platform to be a bit childish. But that does not mean the Snapchat video should be completely ignored by marketers. Why? Well, for one, there are 100 million daily users generating 8 million daily video views. Which for comparison is on par with the social giant, Facebook. There is clearly an audience willing to ingest video content, but is it right for your brand? Here are four key aspects of Snapchat that marketers should consider before creating video content.

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The Art of the Follow-Up Pitch

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All PR pros know the dreaded feeling of sending out a really great pitch only to be met with… nothing. It’s an unfortunate side effect of an age in which we are competing against a journalist’s time, deadlines and flooded inbox. You already know that an email or quick phone call when appropriate is usually a best bet in getting a response if you don’t hear back after the first pitch.

But instead of the standard “Are you interested?” note, think of the follow-up pitch as a second chance to sell a journalist on your story’s value proposition. Here’s how:

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Flying a Drone for Commercial Video

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Look, drones are cool, okay?  By now, you’ve probably grown tired of them constantly popping up in the news, or of Terry from accounting going on and on about them, but they’re cool. They are.

Especially with recent advancements in camera technology, companies have been able to produce smaller versions in the consumer market that are capable of capturing gorgeous aerial footage; something that was only possible via a plane or helicopter in the past.

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