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Falling into Client Coverage (with targeted digital marketing efforts)

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Around the BLASTmedia office, it’s not hard to stumble across client success. From digital advertising account executives accomplishing high click-through-rates and low cost-per-clicks for a targeted campaign to content producers developing engaging motion graphic videos to drive website traffic and video views… it seems client success falls into our laps. (if only!)

BLASTmedia’s targeted digital marketing efforts deliver successful campaign-based results for our clients. Our strategies are on-brand, executed on a quick turnaround, and yield measurable results. Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of the top highlights from the past month:

Our adidas account team conducted YouTube reviewer outreach for both the miCoach SPEED_CELL and SMART RUN products. This resulted in great unboxings from UrAvgConsumer (258,000+ subscribers) on YouTube. Take a look:

The Playtabase account team supported the Indiegogo Reemo product launch by securing media coverage in publications like Business Insider, CNET, Gadget Help, Mobile Industry Review, and Crowdfund Insider (just to name a few!). Mobile Industry Review encouraged readers to “live like a Jedi” with the Reemo wrist mouse. The coverage included a highlight of product features, product videos linking back to the Playtabase YouTube Channel, and this GIF:

The Formstack account team developed the following infographic to highlight the 7 Skills New Marketers Need to Succeed. Not only did BLASTmedia help to create this informative infographic, but we secured coverage for it on

Formstack Infographic

BLASTmedia’s expertise in the evolving landscape of digital advertising, social media, and public relations provides our clients with marketing solutions that drive action. Sound like something you need for your brand?

Digital Marketing Download: Facebook Moments, Instagram Ads, and New Twitter Targeting

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What would we do without our smartphones? From a new Facebook app to new Twitter ad targeting using mobile numbers, mobile seems to be the reoccurring theme for most of this week’s most interesting digital marketing updates. Have 15 seconds? Get the download:

Facebook builds app for ‘super-private’ sharing called “Moments”
As TechCrunch’s Josh Constine put it, “Facebook has failed repeatedly to get us to use complicated lists and privacy settings to share intimate moments with just our closest friends and family.” So now Facebook’s latest, but unlaunched app codenamed “Moments,” is designed to let users share with different subsets of their entire friends list.

Instagram reveals UK ads are set to roll out soon
Instagram, the popular photo app that already has sponsored posts in the US, announced their inevitable roll out ads within the UK. According to information shared by Instagram this week, brands are already seeing success from these sponsored posts. Taco Bell reported reaching 12.5 million 18-to-44 year-olds in the US over a four-week period using Instagram ads and Chobani reached 4 million 18-to-54 year-olds with its Instagram campaign during the same time period, according to a recent Mashable article. Neither of the brands or Instagram disclosed campaign spending.

Twitter refines its targeted ads in a new update
Get those call logs ready… This week, Twitter announced it’s updating its Tailored Audiences feature, allowing advertisers to create targeted lists based on mobile numbers and mobile IDs.

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Indianapolis Job Posting: Senior Account Executive

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Did you download Snapchat just to figure out how you could use it to sell more [insert product here]? Do you follow Instagram’s blog religiously? (They’ll announce scheduled posts someday.) Did you teach yourself HTML to override automatic formatting in WordPress? If you answered “yes” to two or more of these questions, you might just be the social media-savvy Senior Account Executive we’re looking for.

We’re looking for creative, smart, talented people to join our team. If you’re an experienced digital marketing professional with a passion for social media, we’d like to hear from you!

About BLASTmedia

BLASTmedia is an agency that solves our client’s most significant marketing challenges through the strategic use of earned, owned and paid media. We’re currently looking for a digital marketing professional with social media experience and superior writing skills to join our team as a Senior Account Executive.

This position requires the utilization of website traffic analysis and other tools, as well as strategic reasoning and creativity to provide recommendations to enhance our clients’ marketing efforts.

Who We’re Looking For 

The ideal candidate will have:

  • 3-6 years of experience in a digital marketing environment. Agency experience a plus.
  • An advanced working knowledge of and experience in digital marketing including, but not limited to: content creation for Facebook and Twitter, knowledge of and experience with SMMS (such as Sprinklr and Sprout Social),  creation and execution of integrated marketing campaigns, and understanding of Google Analytics or similar tools.
  • Firm understanding of and proven ability to write for the web, including strong knowledge of blogging platforms, such as WordPress, and current SEO best practices.
  • Proven ability to work in a progressive, fast-paced environment meeting deadlines with a positive attitude and composed demeanor.
  • Working knowledge and experience in media relations and digital advertising, particularly involving AdWords and social advertising, a plus.


BLASTmedia provides competitive wages, paid holidays, PTO, and benefits, including a 401(k) plan with discretionary employer match and bonus opportunities. Salary will be commensurate with experience. We provide a challenging, fun, and highly energetic work environment inclusive of a stocked fridge with sodas and snacks, a “breakfast bar,” and half-day Fridays during the summer months. These are full-time, permanent positions and telecommuting isn’t available. No relocation assistance will be provided.

How to Apply

If you’re interested in this position, please send your resume and two (2) relevant writing samples to jobs (at)

5 Mobile Apps To Download, STAT!

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phone apps to download

When it comes to mobile applications, we all have the basics: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, mobile banking, Pandora, and the addicting games like Candy Crush or Angry Birds. Every now and then, I stumble across some apps that I eventually start using on a daily basis. Some of my new obsessions are Spin Me, Noria, Loop, Photo Sphere, and Over. (You’re welcome in advance for introducing you to these gems.)

Spin Me

Spin Me App What is the Spin Me App

Do you suck at waking up like I do? I finally have an alarm that forces me to stand up to shut it up. No snooze, no multiple alarms 3 minutes apart; you’re waking up with this one. You set your alarm on Spin Me, and the only way to turn it off is to stand and spin around twice.


Noria App What is the Noria App? 

Now this one is still in its Beta testing stage, however the concept of Noria is amazing. It eliminates the idea of time when it comes to content. This means a selfie I took a month ago is still relevant to this day and is being seen around the world. (Awesome, I know.) Noria is like a mash-up of various social media apps out today that we all love. You swipe like Tinder, have a top favorites like Myspace, post pictures like Instagram, and it remembers what you like and dislike, similar to Pandora. Noria uses an algorithmic code to curate selections based on the user’s preferences, so if a picture of a clown pops up and I swipe left, no more clowns in my “pool”. I’m interested to see where this one goes once it is no longer a beta.


Download Loop App

Loop incorporates two of my favorite things, Twitter-like status updates and GIFs. With the biggest compilation of GIFs I’ve ever seen, and more being added daily, this app is endless fun. Not to mention finding that perfect GIF that relates to your horrible day… making something so miserable, slightly more bearable.

Photo Sphere

  What is the Photosphere app? Photosphere app 

When a panoramic photo just isn’t enough, Photo Sphere makes taking 360° photos possible. This app is a must, simply because of the quality and craziness of how accurately the app picks up your surroundings. These photos can then be uploaded to Google Maps so you can remember exactly where you were and what the place looked like. This is awesome if you need pictures of an apartment or house!



The Over app 

Whether you love a classy photo with text, or you’re a jokester with the next great meme, Over provides dozens of unique fonts and sharing options to help you produce that perfect pic. There are endless options to fulfill the look you are going for with your photo. This is definitely a must-have if you’re a lover of adding text and artwork to your photos.

Indianapolis Job Posting: BLASTmedia Digital Media Account Executive

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digital marketing job

If you’re someone who isn’t afraid of hard work (and an equal amount of of fun), BLASTmedia just might be the place for you. We’re looking for creative, smart, talented folks to join our team. If you’re an experienced digital media exec, we want to talk to you!

BLASTmedia is an agency that solves our client’s most significant marketing challenges through the strategic use of earned, owned and paid media. We’re currently looking for a Digital Media Account Executive to primarily work on all areas of paid digital media, which includes social ad production, content creation, paid search, programmatic and audience interaction and engagement across a number of different digital platforms, including AdWords, SiteScout, RTB, Facebook, digital video, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pandora, and direct buy.

This position requires the utilization of website traffic analysis tools and industry-standard insights to quantitatively provide recommendations to enhance our clients’ marketing efforts.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Dissatisfaction towards high bounce rates and low CTR
  • Experience in a digital marketing environment; digital media planner, buyer, or optimization experience
  • Proven ability to work in a progressive, fast-paced environment meeting deadlines with a positive attitude and composed demeanor
  • Working knowledge and experience in digital and social marketing, particularly involving DSPs, SiteScout, digital video, AdWords, Facebook (Power Editor), Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Google Certification is not a must, but a bonus

At BLASTmedia, we recognize that talent is key to our success. If you join our team, you’ll acquire new skills and experiences at record pace. Bring your passion for providing exceptional customer experiences and join a dynamic team that values the entrepreneurial spirit!

BLASTmedia provides competitive wages, paid holidays, PTO, and benefits, including a 401(k) plan with discretionary employer match and bonus opportunities. Salary will be commensurate with experience. We provide a challenging, fun, and highly energetic work environment inclusive of a stocked fridge with sodas and snacks, a “breakfast bar,” and half-day Fridays during the summer months. These are full-time, permanent positions and telecommuting isn’t available. No relocation assistance will be provided.

If you’re interested in this position, please send your resume to jobs (at)

Digital Marketing Download: Twitter’s “Buy” Button, Facebook’s Disappearing Posts, and Apple’s iWatch

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It’s a well-known saying that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And this week there was a lot of imitation going on in the worlds of social media and technology. From Facebook trying to be like Snapchat to Twitter emulating an e-commerce site, here’s three of our favorite digital marketing stories from this week:

Twitter begins testing “Buy” button feature
Earlier this week, Twitter announced that a small percentage of U.S. users will start to see tweets from Twitter test partners featuring a “Buy” button. This “Buy” button will allow consumers to purchase directly from that tweet. Twitter partners who will be issuing tweets using the “Buy” button include artists, brands, and nonprofit organizations such as Burberry (@burberry), Eminem (@eminem), the Home Depot (@HomeDepot), and (RED) (@RED).

Facebook tests Snapchat-like expiration dates for your posts
Facebook is testing an app-only feature that allows users to set new posts to be deleted after a certain interval of time–anything from one hour to seven days according to The Verge.

Apple’s newly-announced large-screen phones and small-screen watches may open up new possibilities for marketers
Screens could be considered a theme when it comes to marketing takeaways from Apple’s announcement this week. Many marketers see larger screens as a better fit for digital video advertising, an increasingly important part of marketing campaigns. Apple’s entrance into the wearable technology market opens up another screen where marketers can potentially reach consumers. Additional topics being buzzed about as a result of Apple’s announcement include enhanced notifications, Apple Pay, and speculation about iAds in relation to iWatch.

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Digital Marketing Download: YouTube Fan Funding, Vine’s Video-Import and New Twitter Font

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Facebook’s brief outage–the social network was down for less than 20 minutes on Wednesday–wasn’t the only thing people were talking about online this week. Have 15 seconds? Here’s are three things you should know about that happened in digital marketing this week:

  1. YouTube unveils ‘fan funding’ on videos
    YouTube’s simply named Fan Funding function is a voluntary feature that creators can enable to viewers to donate. The function appears at the top left of the video and currently only works with Google Wallet.
  2. Vine makes a play for brands by adding video-import feature
    Vine’s latest feature should make it possible for users to “shoot using professional-grade cameras, edit with high-end software, save the video into their smartphones then upload them into the Twitter-owned mobile app.”
  3. Twitter changes font and provide more profile color options 
    This week in a two-part tweet, Twitter announced an update to it’s web font with “speed and readability” in mind. Twitter also shared that users would be able to “choose from new profile colors” and that they would make it “easer to Tweet/message from an account’s profile page.” Could Twitter be making a play to get more people using vs. tools like Hootsuite?

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BLASTmedia’s Top Labor Day Weekend Playlists

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Top Labor Day Weekend Playlists

As the BLASTmedia office gears up for Labor Day weekend, music echoes jovially over the clickity-clack of keyboard strokes. Once in a blue moon, someone will notice a tune is actually an advert and turn to a member of the digital advertising team to jest about the placement. While many of us BLASTies spend our days optimizing and planning digital advertisements in online music streams like Spotify and Pandora, we all spend a great deal of time listening to their jams. As Labor Day weekend approaches and roadways become parking lots, we’d like to share some of our favorite playlists to get you through that anticipatory Friday afternoon, and weekend travel.

  • Hall & Oates Radio – You don’t have to be a Rich Girl to get down to these classics (you’re welcome to the advert-averse for the free streaming). Get amped up for your weekend, and teach the youngsters what real music once sounded like
  • 90′s Hip Hop – A Friday favorite in the BLASTmedia office, these tunes will have you [w]rapping up your to-do list faster than you can say “U can’t touch this” to your inbox
  • Today’s Hip Hop – Digital advertiser Brian Walker knows what he likes, and it certainly isn’t 50′s big band music
  • Justin Timberlake – No one would dare change the station with PR account executive Francesca Marino’s pitch for the Prince of Pop, “It has a good mix of old and new music, everything is pretty fast paced and will keep people entertained on long a long road trip or for a cookout”
  • Tom Petty’s Greatest Hits – When VP of digital advertising Jeff Gasior isn’t looking for a breakdown of data, he’s getting down to, “without question, the  best travel music” around
  • Coldplay – For those of you looking for a more relaxed weekend, resident social & paid guru Kathleen Blotsky recommends chilling out with Chris Martin
  • Hello WeekendThis playlist on 8tracks radio recommended by social maven Grace Williams was “inspired by/really for that perpetual TGIF state of mind and summer paradise feeling”


Are audiences interested in your brand jamming out to online radio stations like these? Contact Lindsey Groepper and make your message heard.

Digital Marketing Download: Instagram Introduces Hyperlapse

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Not to be outdone by Snapchat–who was valued you at more than $10 billion this week–other social media platforms are staying in the news with announcements of their own. Missed what’s new from Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, because you were too busy trying to figure out how to use Snapchat? Here’s your 15 second Digital Marketing Download:

  1. Instagram launches Hyperlapse, a new app to capture high-quality time lapse videos
    Less than a week after announcing a brand new suite of business tool for brands on Instagram, the Facebook-owned social property introduced Hyperlapse. The new tool allows users to create as Instagram puts it: “moving, handheld time lapses that result in a cinematic look, quality and feel.”
  2. Facebook cracks down on click-baiting, promotes native link format
    Facebook wants those using the platform to be more transparent about what they’re asking others to click on. After recently introducing the Facebook “satire” tag, the social network is reportedly cracking down on articles that have click-bait headlines according to Facebook research scientist, Khalid El-Arini.
  3. Pinterest Rolls Out Deeper Analytics for Business
    Don’t forget about Pinterest. On Tuesday, the social bookmarking service announced a set of new analytics tools available to anyone who has signed up for a free business account on Pinterest.

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Why You Should Add Video Marketing to Your Game Plan

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It’s been a long offseason, but college football finally kicks off this week. For fans of the sport, every season is a welcomed fresh start. It’s a chance to see new players and old superstars build on past successes and to see what new tricks the team has in store to help win.

Your digital advertising works the same way. You can’t let your campaign rest on its previous wins. You need to add new pieces into the mix to put a better product out there for people to see, otherwise your competition will catch up. And if online video advertising isn’t part of your digital ad strategy this season, you’re missing out on a medium that’s growing faster than nearly every other format.

Don't let your ad campaign kick off without first looking toward video marketing!

Don’t let your ad campaign kick off without first looking toward video marketing!

Every team has that special do-everything athlete. They aren’t pigeonholed into one specialty, but can be relied on to contribute in a number of areas to help the team. Digital video ads occupy that position in the sales process. They’re right in the middle of the sales funnel, able to generate brand awareness while also converting users who have already had multiple touch points and are ready to buy. They can highlight a brand or product, and provide a specific call-to-action and tailor-made landing page all at once. Combine that with the ability to target video ads to very specific audiences across a growing number of platforms, and you have a new big-time player in your digital ad campaign.

Mobile VideoOld platform, new tricks – YouTube has long been king of online video. The world’s second-largest search engine sees 100 hours of video uploaded every minute! That’s a lot of content you can put your ad in front of, and now YouTube makes it even easier to do so. Ad formats have been simplified and upgraded, allowing you to more precisely target users based on searches and content they watch. You can choose individual videos or channels you want your ad to run on, allowing you to reach the most relevant audience possible for your product. You can also run video ads promoting an app, targeting users in the YouTube mobile app and running your video alongside your app’s icon and description.

Social media gets involved – The major social networks have joined the big leagues to offer their own video advertising options. Facebook now allows video ads and is already testing ways to improve them, including new CTAs to display once the video finishes playing. Not to be outdone, Twitter is also rolling out a “Promoted Video” ad feature to display video ads right in the timeline of targeted users. Even popular mobile apps like Flipboard and Snapchat are getting in on the action with recent news that their own video ad formats are on the way.

Proven success – BLASTmedia is already seeing big wins from digital video marketing. The eye-catching visuals and precise targeting make video ads a magnet for user engagement. BLASTmedia was asked by adidas to create 15-second video ads for their wearable fitness technology line. By targeting these videos to specific fitness-related users on YouTube and the Google Display Network, we have achieved a click-through-rate more than six-times the industry average. The videos have generated substantial awareness of the new products within their most relevant user base while sending more than 4,000 users per month to the product purchase pages for less money per user than any other platform BLASTmedia is running ads on.

If you want to know more about putting your digital ad game over the top with new video marketing efforts, recruit BLASTmedia today!

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