iPhone 7 Camera Specs Explained

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It’s long been a creative credo that the equipment doesn’t matter; what matters is the person behind the equipment, or the vision, or passion, or what have you. It sounds nice and is a good idea to hold on to (especially if your equipment sucks), but the truth is, you can’t really produce professional photos or video from the likes of, say, a camera phone – right?

That’s not the case anymore. Over the last decade or so, improvements in technology have opened the possibility for creators without deep pockets to play, first with affordable DSLRs, and now, yes, with the cameras on your freakin’ telephones.

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How PR Pros Can Build Relationships with Contributors

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Newsrooms are dwindling in size, but the demand for legacy media to churn out high-quality online content is higher than ever. That’s why many highly-read business news outlets, including Forbes, Entrepreneur and Fortune, are increasingly relying on a network of expert contributors to adapt to today’s rapidly changing media landscape.

As a PR professional, this appears rather disheartening at first glance—how are you supposed to get that pitch into the hands of an actual editor when such a high volume of content is contributor-submitted? But don’t fret. Read More

Transferrable skills in PR

Transferrable Skills: Are you a fit for Public Relations?

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Many people fall into public relations, because the job uses such a range of transferrable skills and talents. Working in agency media relations, in particular, allows you to wear different hats. Your job is all about spotting opportunities and acting on them so in any given day, you are acting as a journalist, salesperson, consultant, project manager and researcher. Which means if you have experience in any of these areas, you have the means to segue. The fundamental quality you need is flexibility and the ability to think critically. Read More


Instagram Introduces Stories

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Recently, photo-sharing social platform Instagram unveiled its newest feature — Stories. Sound familiar? That’s because it is — the new Stories feature for Instagram is quite similar to Snapchat’s stories. Instagram’s stories live at the top of a user’s newsfeed, allowing you to share a stream of photos that expire after 24 hours, just like Snapchat. Based on the social network’s blog post introducing Instagram Stories, the feature exists for users who want to share moments of their day with followers, not just the perfectly primed pictures that live on users’ feeds.

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It’s Social Media’s World, And We’re Just Living In It

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It’s no secret that we live in a world dominated by technology and social media, but do we truly realize the extent of its power? Whether it’s a celebrity feud fueled entirely by online chatter, or even the upcoming presidential election, social media has played a key role in all of it. Even if you’re not constantly scrolling through Twitter for the latest news, we have you covered! Read on to recap three of the top social media and tech stories for the month of July.

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