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As a highly-specialized agency, BLASTmedia provides a unique SaaS PR perspective and uncovers significantly more press opportunities for its clients than a more generalist, full-service agency.

We understand the importance of creating a consistent, straightforward narrative in the press for optimum market influence — rather than throwing a bunch of disjointed stuff at the wall and hoping it sticks.

When you research B2B SaaS PR firms, you’ll typically find PR listed as one service offering among many at a full-service agency — or SaaS included among many client industries. You may find a chunk of the firm dedicated to beauty products and another dedicated to the pet industry. The approach yields only a handful of PR specialists who understand how to effectively create and execute PR for B2B SaaS companies.

At BLASTmedia, we live and breathe B2B SaaS. We develop client PR strategy in tandem with marketing, sales (yes, we heart your sales team), product and executive teams. We don’t relegate PR to its own silo as a marketing tactic. We design PR strategies to influence investors, employees, partners and customers.

Category is the name of the game at BLASTmedia. Whether you’re creating a new category, challenging the current definition, looking for separation or trying to de-position its leader, our team understands how to develop unique B2B SaaS media relations campaigns to take you where you want to go.

What makes our B2B SaaS PR firm model unique? All BLASTmedia clients — regardless of size — pay a similar fee. We don’t have whale accounts or small fish. Each BLASTmedia client receives a full account team with senior-level involvement.

Meet the leadership team.

Mendy Werne


Lindsey Groepper


Kelly Hendricks


Kimberly Jefferson


Anna Julow Roolf

VP of Marketing and Operations

Grace Williams

VP of PR

Erica Kehr

Erica Kehr, PRH

VP of People Operations 

Meghan Matheny

Director of Success

Lydia Beechler

Director of Success

Kelsey Sowder

Director of Success

Alex Sventeckis

Director of Content

Jake Doll

Senior PR Director

Katie Cessna

PR Director

Kate Johnson

Kate Johnson, MBA

PR Director

Sam Perry

Sam Perry

PR Director

Kayleigh Jones

PR Director

Samantha Miller

Samantha Miller

PR Director

Zach Weismiller

Zach Weismiller

PR Director

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SaaS PR should drive a consistent and obvious narrative for your brand, helping you differentiate, separate, redefine or create a new category.