Modern PR for B2B SaaS.

You are investing in PR, and you need peace of mind that your agency has it handled. They understand your SaaS business, company culture, and product. You don’t have to pull them along – they push you to keep innovating, finding new ways to tell your story and add value. BLASTmedia is that agency.

A leader in B2B tech PR for nearly 20 years, our agency has been executing PR since B2B software was sold on discs and installed on-prem. With the advent of SaaS, we’ve evolved our PR strategies and digitally transformed our agency to mirror the reporting, measurement, and communication expectations of modern SaaS marketers like you.

The corporate narrative has progressed, and a product-only PR approach no longer cuts it. People buy from and want to work with brands they like and with which they feel a connection. Our modern PR approach humanizes your brand, elevating additional spokespeople like CHROs and DEIB leaders, and promoting storylines to complement how we’re promoting the killer products and services you are delivering.

While creating brand affinity is at the core of every SaaS PR program, we also believe PR influences pipeline and impacts each level of the business. Have a defined ABM program? Plug us in. Need BDR email open rates to increase? We can help. Is your founder lacking a thought leadership position? Put us in, coach. Tell us where you want to go, and we’ll develop a program to get you there. Like you, we wake up every day obsessed with moving your business forward. When you win, we win. 

Meet the leadership team.

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Mendy Werne


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Lindsey Groepper


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Kelly Hendricks


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Kimberly Jefferson


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Grace Williams


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Kelsey Sowder

VP of PR

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Jake Doll

VP of PR

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Kate Johnson, MBA

VP of PR

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VP of PR

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SaaS PR should drive a consistent and obvious narrative for your brand, helping you differentiate, separate, redefine or create a new category.