Saas PR: Demystifying Modern Public Relations

As a PR agency serving B2B SaaS companies, we work with marketers looking for a fresh take on PR. During the onboarding process, clients commonly ask us how we approach “digital” or “nontraditional” PR, which prompted us to consider: What is modern PR?

PR is still a brand marketing function designed to communicate a desired message to target audiences like customers, investors, partners, prospects or talent. Yet, so much as changed.

This ebook explores:

  • The definition of “modern” PR and why you should get on board.
  • The evolution of the buyer-driven corporate narrative.
  • The blurred lines between internal comms and PR.
  • The changing expectations of PR’s value and measurement, now powered by advances in data and analytics.

Cut through the noise.

We secure meaningful press coverage to influence your audience and surpass your goals in today’s market.