BLASTmedia Survey Reveals B2B Marketers Bullish on Brand Spend in 2024, See Building Trust as a Top Priority

INDIANAPOLIS — March 28, 2024 — A new survey conducted by BLASTmedia, the only PR agency dedicated to B2B SaaS, reveals B2B marketers’ top PR priorities in 2024. The data provides insight into how marketers measure brand spend ROI and which marketing tactics are losing value.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • “Establishing more trust” was marketers’ top priority for investing in PR, followed by differentiating from competitors, driving product awareness, and showcasing company values
  • Web traffic, backlinks and conversions (40%), and quality of media coverage (39%) were the top ways marketers measure the ROI of brand awareness spend.
  • More than one-third of marketers (35%) believe email marketing is becoming less impactful with target audiences.
  • Nearly 80% of marketers anticipate their brand awareness spend will increase in 2024.

The survey was conducted with over 100 marketers, from individual contributors to C-level working in companies of <50 to >5000 employees.

“PR has evolved far beyond press releases and product updates. Marketers are realizing the importance of having a consistent, meaningful PR program that establishes trust and lays the foundation for genuine connection,” said Lindsey Groepper, BLASTmedia President. “However, traditional PR measurement fails to recognize the nuances of modern PR efforts. To determine a program’s effectiveness, a modern PR program needs more comprehensive metrics to acknowledge the quality of coverage versus quantity metrics like Share of Voice.”

In recognition of this variability and the growing complexity of B2B SaaS PR, BLASTmedia recently debuted StoryScore, a measurement tool designed to quantify the varying impact of B2B media coverage at scale. StoryScore gives marketers a simple yet effective rating scale to categorize media coverage into three distinct tiers: Premier, Spotlight, and Highlight. While PR drives immense value across various organizational functions, no two marketers measure this impact in the same way, making PR measurement a long-standing discussion for marketing and communications professionals. StoryScore aims to add clarity to this discussion.

For more information on StoryScore and how it provides a more nuanced understanding of the value of PR efforts, visit the BLASTmedia blog or evaluate media coverage for yourself with BLASTmedia’s ChatGPT-based coverage analyzer, now available for ChatGPT+ users.


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