The Evolution of Modern SaaS PR

We’re here to talk about modern PR. What is it? Well, it’s not so much modern, but evolved. The PR discipline, like other industries, had to level up to keep pace with tech innovation, ever-changing culture, and a media landscape that’s more unpredictable than than a reality show.

It’s still PR, but we’re not out here rebranding it like New Coke (remember that?). We don’t call our smartphones “modern phones” either, do we? They’ve gone from basic flip-phones to mini-computers with more power than the ones they sent to space in the ’60s. Yet, we just call them phones.

So, how has PR evolved? Let me break it down for ya.

PR has gone multi-channel. 

Take The Wall Street Journal for example. It’s not just a newspaper anymore; it’s a whole digital extravaganza with podcasts, TikToks from editors, videos, and more. It’s like a digital octopus with tentacles reaching every corner of the internet and appealing to both super-broad and niche audiences alike.

Back in the day, PR pros pitched stories to newspapers, TV, and maybe radio. But now? There’s a bazillion blogs, podcasts, social feeds, communities, you name it, all clamoring for content. Brands are churning out their own stuff too, with influencers, social posts, and videos. It’s like a content tsunami, and PR teams are out here trying to surf it.

Analytics are a game-changer. 

PR vanity metrics like impressions and ad equivalency are archaic and have been enhanced by measuring against clear objectives like Share of Voice, influence on organic search and web traffic (to name a few). We’ve gone digital from top to bottom, from strategies to results. It’s adapt or die in the digital world, and SaaS PR is no exception. 

PR is no longer one-way communication. 

It’s a dialogue. We’re building real relationships and engaging with our B2B SaaS client’s audience instead of just shouting into the media void. Audiences want to be heard, so we’re listening and using their feedback to shape our messaging and client narratives. 

Authenticity is key in this age of fake news. 

People want real stories and personalities, not overly-messaged corporate spiels about earnings and product features. Brands need to stand for something genuine to earn trust and connect with today’s millennial buyers. And a human-centered PR program can help achieve this. 

Agility is essential in modern PR. 

We’re moving at hyperspeed, jumping on opportunities and controversies before you can say “crisis management.” We’re out here shaping the conversation in real time, not stuck on the sidelines watching it unfold. When news breaks, there are new expectations from audiences around the speed of response and ability to address issues in near real-time. 

The evolution of SaaS PR is undeniable. It has transformed into a dynamic and essential component of modern communication strategies. As we continue to witness the evolution of PR, one thing remains clear: its impact extends far beyond traditional media relations, shaping narratives, building relationships, and driving audiences to action.

Lindsey Groepper

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Lindsey Groepper

Lindsey is BLASTmedia's president and the team's personal and professional growth champion! She loves working with passionate people, helping our clients succeed, running, reading and watching college football.

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