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BLASTmedia is a national, B2B SaaS PR agency that takes a holistic approach to PR, affecting multiple business levels. Through impactful media coverage, content development, and thought leadership, we influence customers, employees and investors to listen, trust and act.

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BLASTmedia is a B2B SaaS PR agency that knows how to cut through the noise. Whether your goal is becoming a market leader, raising a funding round or positioning for an acquisition, BLASTmedia secures meaningful press coverage to influence the right audience.

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Sigstr, a cloud platform for employee email personalization, began working with BLASTmedia with the goal of growing awareness of the company among CMOs and other high-level marketing decision makers. As a use-case, Sigstr shared a case study for its client, the Indiana Pacers, with BLASTmedia.

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