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Storytelling for pipeline acceleration

“BLASTmedia is relentlessly focused on driving ROI and actual value that supports our organization’s growth.”


Sr. Director Brand Marketing

“They don’t deal with fluff and vanity metrics. They’re laser focused on how they can drive value, which is fantastic.”


VP Marketing

Everyone I’ve interacted with at BLASTmedia is dialed in to media trends and contextualizes our company message within the overall landscape.”


Director of Marketing

“The team we work with at BLAST is truly like an extension of our internal team…with BLAST we’re able to be more strategic about how we use PR.”


Marketing Director

“BLAST understands the unique challenges of B2B SaaS organizations. They are incredibly strategic and know precisely how to build a comprehensive and effective PR program that aligns with our business goals, helping us drive awareness, increase pipeline, and acquire new customers.”



We Get You.

As a SaaS-marketing leader, you should feel more than ‘generally happy’ with your PR agency. You should feel heard, supported and freakin’ excited about the partnership. Every touchpoint with your PR team should amp up your confidence and make your job a little easier because of the partnership. You deserve BLASTmedia.


We like to win, and innovative ideas get the ring. You shouldn’t have to feed your SaaS PR agency “news” to create a steady narrative. We are seekers of bold perspectives and creators of contrarian POVs. We bring proactive ideas designed to break through the clutter.


You receive complete insight into campaign performance through a real-time PR dashboard and honest assessments from your team on any hits or misses. We don’t sell lip service. We believe in letting clients see into our processes and decision-making.


We’re addicted to the speed of media relations and are as passionate about our profession as we are about our clients and each other. We have your back. You’ll know from the start you’ve chosen the best SaaS PR agency.


We spend significant time getting to know our clients, and we take pride in bringing our true selves to the partnership, even if it means having difficult conversations. We’ve also been told we’re pretty funny and believe any relationship worth having needs laughter.


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Discover What You’re Missing.

SaaS PR should drive a consistent and obvious narrative for your brand, helping you differentiate, separate, redefine or create a new category.


SaaS Half Full

Inspired by the candid conversations had at a bar after shows like SaaStr, MozCon and Dreamforce, the SaaS Half Full podcast, mixed by BLASTmedia, provides insights from SaaS marketers and others charged with growing SaaS businesses.

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Case Studies

Explore our client case studies and find out why BLASTmedia is a trusted partner for the best SaaS firms in the world.

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Story Mining Guide

Most B2B SaaS marketers prioritize thought leadership. So why do such a small percentage consider their strategy to be successful? Because they’re not leveraging the full potential of thought leadership — and to do that, they must get into the heads of their company leaders and industry experts. That’s what story mining can offer.