Public Relations

BLASTmedia has a proven track record of securing national coverage for our clients – across print, broadcast, and online media. PR no longer solely consists of endorsements from official news sources, but also from consumers and industry influencers online.



Social Media

Social media is more than posting status updates. Our clients can expect keyword-focused social campaigns, blog content, and videos, that – when combined with our PR team’s efforts – is sure to make your brand bubble to the top of search engines.



Paid Media

Most brands still think of paid media as print or traditional banner ads. At BLASTmedia, our team focuses on the hyper-targeting capabilities of social media platforms – ensuring your social ad campaigns capture more solid leads than the competition.



Creative Services

From creating branded video content to revitalizing your current social networks, our creative team will work with you to provide a holistic brand experience for your customers. Simply put, our creative team produces awesome things across the web.