So you want to release a customer data report?

By February 2, 2016 July 28th, 2016 Industry Perspective

Data reports are the new golden ticket for content marketing campaigns. Leveraging customer data anonymously has been a tactic we’ve increasingly recommended to our clients. The data is free, easily obtained and helpful to determine industry trends and trajectory. Furthermore, media loves to cover data as it relates to the industry they cover.

A few successful report campaigns that we’ve lead for our clients include and Crittercism’s iOS 9 adoption report.

Form Conversion Report

BLASTmedia has secured interest for Formstack’s annual Form Conversion Report, a snapshot of the online conversion industry through forms. The target audience for this report is marketing leaders in a variety of industries. In 2015, we were able to secure a total of 71 pieces for the report, including coverage in Inc., Entrepreneur, Yahoo! Small Business, CMO, Socialnomics and PRNewser.

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iOS 9 Adoption Report

With the goal of positioning Crittercism as a thought leader in the mobile software space, BLASTmedia leveraged Crittercism’s commentary and data to lead the conversation following Apple’s latest announcement. BLASTmedia was able to earn 56 piece of coverage for the data and commentary surrounding the iOS 9 launch. This included coverage from Business Insider and ReadWrite.

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So you want results like these? There are few steps to consider and questions to ponder before you begin your data report.

What are your goals of the report?

  • Do you want to collect emails?
  • What types of audiences are you looking to reach?

What type of report is it?

  • Does it capture data from a specific launch or news announcement, like the iOS 9 report?
  • Does it cover a large segment of time, like holiday data?
  • Or is it an analysis of a survey that was conducted by figureheads within a specific industry, like the state of small business, or marketing report?

What type of audience can benefit from the information gathered?

  • Is it vertical specific like retail or banking?
  • Does it benefit a consumer audience?
  • Will both business tech and consumer media be interested in the media (as was the case with iOS 9 launch)?

Most importantly: Is the data compelling or does it offer a different analysis of a popular topic?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can follow the below tactics to garner interest and spread awareness of the data:

  • Consider drafting a release that announces the new-found data and how that might impact the overall industry analyzed
  • Offer the report to media that may benefit from the data
  • Create a piece of rich media that allows the data and commentary to be easily digested
  • Draft a blog post and share the top Tweetable stats from the report
  • Draft bylined articles on behalf of thought leaders at your company to offer to media as guest posts
  • Utilize digital advertising strategies to drive target audiences to your report

Interested in conducting a survey or analyzing customer data to get a robust picture of the industry or key event at large? Contact Lindsey Groepper about successful reports as well as the results.


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