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The Reactive PR Playbook

Making media outreach about existing topics is a lot like playing in a sporting event: it’s competitive, good offense is key and you need the right team around you. You can also execute the perfect play at the most opportune time, and the score still might not go your way.

We call it reactive pitching. It’s a tactic that secures coverage without having any news of your own and can result in highly-visible mentions that showcase your executives as thought leaders in a given industry.

In this playbook, we’ll introduce three reactive PR formations brands can use to secure media coverage. Each formation takes advantage of something happening in the news, whether it be an emerging trend, a global event or a competitor announcement.

B2B tech thought leader checklist

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Thought Leader Checklist

Thought leadership means not only participating in conversations but actually leading them. It might seem simple, but for those looking to become B2B technology thought leaders, there’s work to be done before you ever talk to a reporter or step on an event stage.

Not sure where to get started? Download our thought leader checklist to begin building the foundation necessary to become a thought leader in your industry.



Building Customer References

Customer stories are essential in communicating success and helping to establish a brand in the marketplace. Translated in various ways, from written case studies to verbal interviews, these stories help illustrate to prospective customers the varied ways a company’s products and services can add value.

Want to make customer stories part of your SaaS marketing strategy but aren’t sure how to get started? Check out our latest ebook for more on building customer references.



Maximizing Your Media Coverage

Far too often, SaaS marketers view PR as a standalone, news-driven tactic — missing out on opportunities to leverage PR coverage as a content asset to support departmental and overarching business objectives.

Ready to get more out of the press hits your PR team generates? Download our ebook to learn how you can leverage social media, sales and other resources to maximize your media coverage.


Data Analysis

SaaS PR: Analysis of Fastest-Growing Brands

When it comes to the competitive SaaS landscape, public relations (PR) has the potential to help level the playing field. To support the narrative that scaling SaaS businesses should leverage media relations and utilize different types of coverage used to influence brand perception, BLASTmedia looked to the PR coverage of companies listed on the SaaS 1000.

Curious what we found? Download our analysis to learn how PR can help level the playing field with your fiercest competitors.

BLASTmedia marketing and sales workbook


Sales and Marketing: Better Together

Whether the discussion centers on lead quality, buyer personas or content, there seems to be a never-ending battle between sales and marketing departments — including those at SaaS companies — to stay aligned. The good news? Public relations, a function your team (hopefully) already has in place, can help bridge that divide. And, by working together, both sales and marketing receive better content — including thought leadership pieces that can be used to secure media coverage and used to move prospects further down the funnel.

This downloadable workbook addresses how marketers at SaaS companies can involve sales to generate content ideas that fuel thought-leadership pieces to pitch to the media. It also provides examples of how sales teams can leverage media coverage to create additional touchpoints with prospects.

BLASTmedia funding ebook


Maximize Your Funding Momentum

Whether it’s your first seed round or a Series D, securing funding provides momentum for growing B2B SaaS companies. With so much at stake, you want the message to be on point.

This handbook will look at how B2B tech companies should prep a comms strategy before closing a funding round, best practices for making the announcement, and what to do after announcement day to ensure the right messages are being communicated to all stakeholders.



Successful Crisis Communication

Having a communication plan in place ahead of a crisis situation is critical. Preparations can help ensure consistent messaging and the means for proactive distribution of critical (often sensitive) information to customers, partners, board members, employees and the media. Advanced planning also prepares your organization to respond quickly and with some level of transparency, authenticity and accountability, should a crisis occur.

Our guide to PR crisis communication breaks down each of these stakeholder expectations and how you can put a plan in place to address them.