A great idea is nothing without a voice.

Tell Your Story. Build Credibility.


Our startup program is specifically designed to help early-stage SaaS companies earn press attention when they need it most – building a campaign with specific goals, and a clear beginning and end to maximize the impact of your PR investment. Whether you are announcing a new product, funding, key hire (or all three), we build a campaign to meet your individual, immediate needs.

BLASTmedia understands that you are new to the market and possibly going head-to-head with large, more-established competitors in the quest for new business. How do you unseat the incumbent when you are still in your infancy? Or, maybe you’re establishing a new category. How do you create demand for your product?

You need exposure, credibility and awareness, and you need it now. BLASTmedia approaches its startup program with a strategy that extends beyond press releases – leveraging thought leadership and long-form content that will spark action from your target audience.

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Benefits For Your Tech Startup

  • Increased credibility and awareness of company, product and executives through media coverage
  • National, local and trade media articles to share with prospects, investors and job candidates
  • SEO benefits
  • Content creation – ebooks, press releases and bylined articles
  • Referring web traffic from high-quality media sources
  • Increased Share of Voice among competitors
  • Elevation of executives as thought leaders
Case Study

SaaS Funding Announcement

With SaaS startups frequently announcing funding, Zylo needed a way to stand out from the pack. BLASTmedia used the announcement as a way of gaining the attention of potential enterprise customers and adding legitimacy to the company that would, in turn, help with both securing future investors and hiring efforts.

Case Study

SaaS Startup Launch

Launching as a never-before-heard-of brand in a under-differentiated martech space, Quantifi needed to distinguish its AI-powered offering from incumbents. As a startup, the company also needed credibility to support both its customer and partner acquisition strategies.

What’s Included?

Six-Month Project Engagement.

Our specialized startup PR program is exactly what your tech startup needs to build awareness and credibility to beat the odds.

Two-week onboarding process
  • Kickoff meeting or call with founders and marketing team (if applicable)
  • Product demo to PR account team
  • Share of voice analysis
  • Story-mining with key executives
  • Review of keywords and analytics
  • Delivery of key messaging refinement document
  • Story-mining session with executives
  • Finalize measurement & reporting benchmarks
  • Media relations prep
  • Development of PR tracker, media lists, ed calendars, etc.
  • Introductions to key media
  • Development & delivery of campaign plan
Media relations
  • National, trade, local and targeted vertical media outreach
  • Press release writing
  • Reactive pitching to media opportunities
Content creation
  • eBook design & development
  • Bylined article creation
  • Re-versioning of existing client-created content for media use