Thought Leadership Content Builds Authority


Cheetah Digital wanted to be seen as a marketing solution for marketers created by marketers. They deliver personalized experiences, cross-channel messaging and loyalty programs that add value to your customer relationships. The Cheetah Digital Customer Engagement Suite enables marketers to rapidly scale and meet the demands of the modern consumer.


BLASTmedia determined the team would need to insert Cheetah Digital thought leader commentary into trend conversations early to position the client as an authority.


Outreach included pitching a quote from Cheetah Digital CMO, Richard Jones, about why Cheetah Digital decided to join the Facebook Ads Boycott. BLASTmedia compiled lists of relevant media contacts covering marketing. The team also monitored key themes appearing in marketing press and added related contacts to a media list.

Cheetah Digital developed owned assets related to the topic of the Facebook Ads Boycott, including a blog post and an episode of the Cheetah Digital podcast, Thinking Caps. BLASTmedia used these assets, along with information taken from internet research and discussions with Jones, to draft a byline article on his behalf.

The content, drafted by BLASTmedia, was used to fulfill a TechCrunch request secured by the team.


The feature article on the trust economy, drafted by BLASTmedia on behalf of Jones, ran in TechCrunch in November 2020.

During Q4 2020, direct referrals from the coverage drove 131 users to the Cheetah site for a total of 165 sessions. Despite running in November, it was the 11th highest referral source for the Cheetah website in the quarter. 

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