Amplifying HR Leaders to Promote, Retain and Attract Employees


Formstack is a workplace productivity platform that empowers anyone to digitize what matters, automate workflows and fix processes without code. The company works with brands like Netflix, Twitter and NHL.


Formstack appointed Tammy Polk as its new Chief Human Resources Officer to support its commitment to providing a unique employee experience and retaining top talent. The company challenged BLASTmedia to amplify Tammy’s thought leadership platform to showcase the company’s approach to HR while sharing Tammy’s expertise as a 26-year veteran.


The BLASTmedia team held a story-mining session with Tammy to gain insights into her perspective and uncover possible story angles. We use story mining to delve into a subject matter expert’s thoughts about various topics of interest. During the conversation, Tammy shared her thoughts on remote-first workplaces, flexible work schedules and fostering an inclusive culture with the BLASTmedia team.

While securing placement in top-tier publications was the campaign’s goal, the BLASTmedia team secured several podcast requests to build a pipeline. Sometimes securing top-tier media takes only a few days, other efforts can take months. As part of their campaign to establish Tammy as a thought leader, the team pitched workplace trends like quiet quitting and overtitling by proactively reaching out to reporters and monitoring opportunities on HARO and Qwoted. Tammy’s responsiveness to these requests and bold opinions helped secure placements that otherwise would have been missed.

Inspired by multiple narratives gleaned from the story-mining session and quick-turn opportunities, the team pitched, received and capitalized on various requests, building Tammy’s presence and further establishing Formstack as an exceptional employer.

Campaign Results

In addition to podcast placements, Tammy’s thought leadership campaign secured five top-tier placements with a potential reach of 82 million and an average Domain Authority of 83.

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