BLASTmedia’s Top Five SaaS PR Blogs of 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect. As such, we’re using this blog post to look at our top five most popular blogs in 2023. From navigating the onboarding process with a new SaaS PR agency to embracing belonging as a critical pillar of DEIB, these blogs tackled a diverse range of challenges and opportunities faced by SaaS businesses today.

So, buckle up and get ready to revisit some of BLASTmedia’s most valuable content from the past year. You might discover a gem that can help you take your SaaS brand to the next level in 2024.

#5. SaaS PR Agency: Onboarding & Expectations

Whether switching SaaS PR agencies or hiring your first one, each has a different onboarding process. What can you expect when you begin a new SaaS PR agency? Our Senior Vice President, Grace Williams, shares the answers in this blog and questions to ask your SaaS PR agency during onboarding.

#4. Why SaaS Brands Should Seek Less Category Competition, More Category Collaboration

You might read the title of our blog coming in the fourth spot and think, “Why would I ever collaborate with my competitor?” We get it, so we put together this blog to explain what category collaboration can do for your company and how to get started.

#3. SaaS PR: Telling a Great Story Through Data

While throwing a bunch of data points into a story can be easy, the real magic happens when a writer combines data and storytelling to provide readers with a more captivating and exciting story. Read how to approach data storytelling from our Content Director, Jodi Ireland. 

#2. What the SVB Collapse Taught Us About Communication in a Crisis

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank had many speculating about who caused it. Some tech comms experts believe the bank’s demise was partly due to communication. Our Executive Vice President Kim Jefferson shares what to do when you need to communicate during a crisis.

#1. Embracing the “B” in DEIB

Coming in at our top spot is a blog from our DEIB committee explaining the importance of adding belonging to diversity, equity and inclusion. Learn why belonging is essential to a DEIB strategy in this blog. 

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