We know how to tell a story.

Don’t invest in an agency whose main strategy is to write and distribute press releases.

Media relations involves actually relating to media, which requires understanding who is writing what, when and how you can fit into their cadence of storytelling.

As a PR agency dedicated to B2B SaaS, we are focused on both creating and uncovering opportunities for our clients to be part of their target media’s news cycles, delivering meaningful media coverage that can be leveraged for business value. From contributed content and product reviews to data reports and competitor newsjacking, we work tirelessly to create value for our clients each month.

With core media relationships in the national business and technology media, we also secure coverage to gain visibility for our clients in their target verticals each month, like healthcare IT, marketing, education, security, IoT, legal, HR and retail.

Media relations involves actually relating to media… understanding who is writing what, when and how you can fit into their cadence of storytelling.

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Case Study

Koorsen Gains Traction in New Markets

Koorsen Fire and Security, one of the largest fire protection and business security companies in the country, engaged BLASTmedia to help gain visibility as a leading voice among key industry verticals — including healthcare, education, hospitality, construction, restaurant and facilities management.

Case Study

Veritone Product Launch

Veritone, developer of the world’s first artificial intelligence operating system, called on BLASTmedia to help launch the company’s latest proprietary machine-learning technology, known as Conductor. With the launch of Conductor, Veritone sought to increase awareness among prospects, media influencers and current and potential investors.