Five Marketing Must-Knows For This Week

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Changes and updates in the world of content marketing happen quickly and often and it is hard to keep up with the whirlwind of news. We here at BLASTmedia spend a good amount of time with our nose in the Internet books, making sure we keep up on the latest and greatest to help serve our clients. Below are just a few of the most prominent marketing must-knows from the past week:

Facebook Announces ‘Dislike’ Button: People have been asking for a button other than ‘Like’ for years on Facebook. This past week it appears that Mark Zuckerberg is making that ask a reality. Social Media Today explores what a ‘Dislike’ button might mean for brands from both an organic and advertising standpoint.

Twitter Unveils First Paid Emoji: Brands have been experimenting with emojis for awhile (remember the Chevy press release written in all wink faces and thumbs ups?) as it is the current language of the ever elusive millennial. This past week, Twitter debuted its first paid custom emoji for Coke, shareable via a custom brand hashtag. Is this is a viable strategy for brands moving forward or a passing fad? Ad Age dives in.

Facebook Launches Signal: The platform this week launched Signal, which will enable journalists to curate news and trending topics from both Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, journalists can search through past posts from both people and Pages to gather information. The Next Web takes a look at what this move means in Facebook’s never ending battle to beat Twitter at the breaking news and real time conversation game.

Content Marketing World 2015 wraps up: This past week 3,500 of top marketers gathered for Content Marketing World 2015. The Content Marketing Institute issued a nice wrap up of high points from the conference, including how businesses can use authentic, consistent content to drive business goals.

Snapchat is an exclusive club for brands: Snapchat is making sure advertising on the site is an exclusive club, which is making brands even hungrier to participate. Fortune takes a look at the Snaptchat strategy and offers tips for brands on how to gain access.

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