Elevate Your VC Firm’s Position With PR & Comms

VC firms like you have been riding the unpredictable wave of the tech economy like the rest of us. What’s different for you is the increased level of communication and expert commentary required from your portfolio companies, peers, and partners.

Bordering on crisis comms, the frequency of conversations around the tech economy, investment trends, and budget recommendations has skyrocketed for VCs. Many are hiring communications leaders to not only provide a strategy for their portfolio companies on handling sensitive corporate news (like RIFs and M&As) but also manage comms for the VC itself.

BLASTmedia is a PR firm specializing in PR for B2B SaaS companies and their VCs. We help shape thought leadership narratives for VC partners, developing content to promote the established points of view and inserting partner commentary into trending media stories – all to differentiate the firm and promote goodwill among portfolio companies.

Whether you have an in-house marketer or are flying without, BLASTmedia has the industry experience to help elevate your position in the market.

VC Coverage Snapshot

Solidify Your VC Firm as a Thought Leader

Differentiate your firm and promote goodwill among portfolio companies