Scaling a SaaS Business: 3 Ways PR Can Assist

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Every year, SaaS companies set out to change the way we work, communicate and live. Some, like Salesforce, Microsoft or Adobe, become household names. But for every behemoth SaaS business, there are thousands of others doing equally impressive work we know nothing about.

These companies have customers, killer solutions and kick-ass teams behind them. The one thing they’re missing? An avenue for scaling a SaaS business beyond the initial success.

Enter PR.

Public Relations should be a crucial component of any organization’s business strategy. It’s all about helping businesses build strong relationships with their core audiences, whether that be customers, prospects, stakeholders or investors, and influence the brand’s industry perception — both of which are equally important for those eager to scale.

If you’re looking for a solution to your SaaS scaling problem, here are three ways SaaS PR can help.

1. Build Strong Brand Awareness

Have you ever thought to yourself, “We would have no problem scaling our SaaS business if our potential customers just knew we existed?” Sure, you could always fly by on word of mouth, but that’s a less-than-effective marketing strategy in today’s digital world. One of SaaS PR’s greatest assets is its ability to build brand awareness for your target customers. By targeting the publications your audience is reading, touting your brand through expert advice in thought leadership coverage or company news on a platform feature or growth milestone, public relations helps your business get visibility in front of the people you want to establish a relationship with.

2. Position Your Brand as an Expert

Now that your target market knows you exist, the challenge is how to ensure you stand out among the competition. Every SaaS company competes with at least one other business offering a similar solution. The goal is to ensure your audience thinks more highly of your brand when assessing the market. Using PR to tout your subject matter experts’ knowledge through contributed content, expert quotes or robust media interviews will help your audience recognize them as a reputable source. So when they need to think of an industry expert, your brand’s spokespeople are the first to come to mind.

3. Own the Industry Message

While positioning your brand and thought leaders as industry experts, you have the opportunity to own the industry message. Often, competing companies have conflicting points of view. Aside from promoting your company’s core message, one of the best ways to dominate the space is by getting involved in the timely topics happening within your industry. SaaS PR allows you to turn trends into coverage through reactive angles so you can ensure your brand has a lead on competitors trying to insert themselves into the conversation.

PR is the fuel that powers SaaS companies’ scaling engines. If you’re looking for more fuel to scale, contact Lindsey Groepper to learn how BLASTmedia can help.


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