Utilizing SaaS as a Sales Enablement Tool: 3 Ways Technology Can Improve Sales Team Results

With B2B organizations increasing buying team size, adding more stakeholders to the process, it can be difficult to foster meaningful sales conversations. Utilizing SaaS sales enablement technologies can help businesses connect with B2B buyers. By incorporating powerful data and AI capabilities, sales tech reduces workflow, improves prospect engagement and content and quantifies ROI. 

Three ways SaaS can improve sales team initiatives: 

1. Quantifying the return on investment with sales enablement technology 

Many companies and sales teams uphold pre-conceived notions surrounding sales enablement software and other sales-related SaaS resources. One of those notions? Being unable to quantify the return on investment with sales enablement platforms. Carson Conant, CEO of Mediafly, recently debunked this way-of-thinking in his piece for Sales Conference 3.0. “Sales enablement technology actually makes it easier to quantify the return on investment because it allows teams to better track, record, and measure engagement with buyers. The right platform will integrate with CRM by logging how buyers resonate with content and what content was shared with them.” 

2. Tech stacks enable further growth 

On average, high growth sales development teams have at least 5 applications in their tech stack. The growth of the sales tech stack is something Chorus.ai’s VP of sales, Joe Caprio expects to see continue as businesses look to sales tech to enable further growth. As Caprio shared with BizReports, moving forward he sees, “less focus on the ‘cost’ of sales tech and more emphasis on the ROI or outcome. We’re starting to have more respect for the multiplier effect or efficiency gains you can get from these tools.”

3. Data-powered, AI-driven engagement

Today, 68 percent of the B2B sales cycle is done anonymously through pre-purchase research. As Jason Zintack, CEO of 6sense, recently shared with SiliconANGLE, technology can give sales teams the opportunity to maximize prospect engagement and tap into otherwise hidden sales cycles. “[At 6Sense] we monitor a relationship — what that’s like, how we might engage. And the data allows us to do that,” said Zintack. “It’s our belief that [marketing and sales tactics] should all be data first and driven from AI.”

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