How to Use PR for Sales: 3 ways your sales team can use media coverage

From start to finish, the sales process can be complex, time-consuming, and maybe a little stressful — no matter the size of company or target audience. At BLASTmedia, we understand the importance of showcasing the value of your company to your prospects, and how being able to use PR for sales can help make the process a little easier for you and your team. Here are three ways you can use PR to create a more compelling sales conversation.

Add credibility to your brand

Positive media coverage can position your company and its thought leaders as innovative, knowledgeable and engaged in your industry. When you can show this to a potential customer, it adds credibility for your brand. Additionally, when your customers are reading their go-to sources for the latest industry news and trends — whether that be trade magazines or top-tier outlets — seeing insight from your thought leaders provides more credibility from third-party validation that they trust. This can even happen before the first sales conversation kicks off.

Build validation of your product

Imagine this: you’re in the sales process and the customer asks you how your product compares to competitors. You could tell them, or you could show them by sharing a piece of coverage that shows how those outside your company position your product. Validation of your product can also come from customers searching your company for a solution. Similar to building credibility, finding your name and product on their own shows how you stand out from the competition.  

Leverage coverage for follow-ups

Whether you’re in the sales process or the planning stages after securing a new customer, you may hear challenges they have or what barriers their sales team faces. If you’re working with your PR team to secure thought leadership opportunities, media coverage should discuss these issues — and possibly how your product solves them — making this the perfect follow up touch point for prospects.

Using PR in your sales process can open the door into a whole new world for your prospects, and positions your company as a trustworthy solution for their problem. Contact Lindsey Groepper to learn more about how BLASTmedia can help you win media coverage that makes a positive impact in your sales meetings!


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