Top Five Most Downloaded Episodes of SaaS Half Full 2023

This year, SaaS Half Full host Lindsey Groepper sat down for a drink with more than 20 marketers, discussing topics like pricing and packaging to inclusive marketing. 

Whether you listened to every episode of 2023 or grabbed a couple here and there, we’re breaking down our top five most downloaded episodes of the year below. Feel free to grab a drink as we dive in.

#5. Investment Vibe Check: Two VCs Discuss 

In this special edition of SaaS Half Full, Lindsey held a fireside chat with Sara Omohundro, Principal at Elevate Ventures, and David Kerr, Managing Director of Allos Ventures, to discuss the technologies they’re bullish about and the importance of burn efficiency in defining financial health.

#4. The Art & Science Behind Pricing & Packaging with Dan Balcauski

Who is in charge of pricing decisions at your SaaS org? For nearly 60% of companies, it’s the CEO or an opinionated decision-maker in the C-suite. But who should own it? Hear from Product Tranquility Founder Dan Balcauski, who breaks down the art and science of SaaS product pricing and packaging.

#3. What You Can Learn From a B2B Mystery Shopper with Gracey Cantalupo

A B2B mystery shopper? In this episode, Gracey Cantalupo, CMO at MentorcliQ, talks to Lindsey about how hiring someone to walk your virtual storefront and actually being on a software buying committee can be worth its weight in gold.

#2. What Marketers Can Learn from Netflix with Jennifer Griffin Smith

Coming in the second spot is Jennifer Griffin Smith, CMO of Brightcove. She sat down with Lindsey at the start of the year to talk about how marketers can think and act more like a media company. Ready to think more like Netflix? Press play on this episode.

#1. The Subjectivity of SaaS M&A with Thomas Smale

In our top spot, we have Thomas Smale, CEO and Founder of FE International, talking about the benefits and drawbacks of a strong founder brand and the common mistakes he sees companies make when positioning for an exit.

Well, there you have it! Thank you to all our guests and listeners. If you’re interested in any of our guests’ drinks throughout the year, visit Cocktail Couriers

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