Stages of Growth Into a New Vertical Market


BLASTmedia began working with Ontario Systems in 2016 as its first PR agency of record. Ontario Systems, a receivables-management system for the healthcare industry, had less than 100 employees with little awareness at the time of partnering with BLASTmedia. 

The agency took Ontario through many different phases of growth, including the acquisition of two companies (Columbia Ultimate 2016, Justice Systems 2018), growing Ontario to more than 500 employees in 28 states with revenue nearing $100m in 2019. 

Ontario launched into the government sector with BLASTmedia’s support, which was the company’s first new vertical market. 

The agency positioned the company for exit by focusing on growth stories and C-suite/company features, with an eventual acquisition by New Mountain Capital in 2019. Ontario retained BLASTmedia after the acquisition into 2020. 

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