Why PR Works for SaaS

When you think of PR, your brain might automatically shoot to gift guides and product roundups made popular by consumer brands and publications of the like. But PR has evolved — and so have the industries it can benefit. From Salesforce’s iconic ‘No Software’ campaign building recognition within the industry to 250ok’s industry report generating buzz across prospects, SaaS companies across the globe are beginning to realize where SaaS PR fits into an overall marketing strategy.

Here’s why targeted PR is the ideal fit for your Software as a Service business:

1. Importance of market visibility

With the growth of SaaS — especially in hotbeds like San Francisco — the space is becoming increasingly crowded. Because of this, PR is vital in building awareness around how your SaaS business stands outs from the crowd and why you matter in the market as a whole. You may have just built the next Salesforce, but no one will ever know if you, and the media outlets that matter to your prospects, aren’t talking about it.

2. Emphasis on positioning

In a technical industry, it’s easy to get caught up in jargon. You have to find a way to clearly relay your overarching value proposition to prospects, and the same goes when presenting information to reporters. For businesses who have mastered the art of the 30-second sales pitch (which is essential to staying alive in the dog-eat-dog world of SaaS), this streamlined messaging can act as the perfect building block for your initial PR positioning. From there, it will be much easier to build your company story with your target media since you’ve already nailed down your introductory messaging.

3. Long, complicated sales cycles

SaaS businesses often see long, complicated sales cycles, especially when target customers are mid- to large-sized enterprises. That’s where SaaS PR can come in to build up assets that your sales team can ultimately leverage in the sales process to answer questions and provide additional information to prospects. These assets can come in the form of a thought leadership article that answer prospects’ questions about why their business would need a solution like yours to solve a specific problem, a product feature that can guides prospects through the intricate ins and outs of your solution’s capabilities or a case study that gives a real-life look at outcomes. By utilizing these media placements as sales assets, your sales team can proactively address prospects’ questions and concerns to ultimately speed up the sales cycle for your business.

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