BLASTmedia’s Top 5 Blogs of 2020

In a year of banana bread, athleisure and video calls, our team was still all about B2B SaaS PR. In 2020, our team wrote over fifty blogs a year on topics ranging from SaaS PR predictions and emerging media outlets to PR’s impact on SEO and key PR metrics for SaaS companies. 

These blogs share best practices we’ve gleaned from our work with the media and insights from SaaS marketing leaders, but also some of the biggest trends in SaaS PR. Here is a countdown of our most-read blog posts of 2020:

#5: Domain Authority: Your New Coverage Metric

Created by the SEO experts at Moz, Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score to measure how likely a website is to rank in search. And even more than that, it’s an SEO metric that you PR professionals — including those representing SaaS brands — should use in media relations strategy.

virtual event strategy#4: How PR Can (and Can’t) Support Your Virtual Event

Developing a virtual event strategy can be intimidating, but that shouldn’t be a reason for your SaaS company to skip up a virtual event — or pass up the PR opportunities around events. In 2020, both user conferences and industry events shifted to a virtual experience. In this post, we discuss how PR can play a role accordingly. 

#3: SaaS Marketing Perspectives: Casey Vermette of Wisetail

Casey Vermette, director of sales and marketing at Wisetail, shares insights about community-oriented marketing and measurement and the opportunity in differentiating a SaaS solution in a crowded space. Read more in this installment of our SaaS Marketing Perspectives series.

PR affect SEO#2: How Does PR Affect SEO?

PR alone is not a comprehensive SEO or link-building strategy. However, there are plenty of ways PR coverage can impact SEO in a positive way. And because we understand the importance of defining the ROI of PR (especially for you data-driven SaaS marketers out there), we now more than ever find our efforts tying into those of the SEO team on a regular basis.

Coronavirus-Pandemic-PR-Guidance#1: Communicating During Crisis: SaaS PR Guidance During the Pandemic

As SaaS marketers, we all felt the challenge of trying to walk a tightrope between sensitivity and doing business in 2020. So it makes sense that a blog offering advice on PR for SaaS companies during the COVID-19 pandemic would take the top slot this year. 

Have a topic you’d like to see our SaaS PR team cover in 2021? Tweet us, mention us on LinkedIn or drop us a note to let us know.

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