SaaS PR Trends: BLASTmedia’s Top 5 Blogs of 2019

As the only PR agency dedicated to SaaS, everyone on our team works with SaaS brands to secure coverage, key analyst briefings and quality speaking opportunities. That work gives us a unique perspective about what PR and marketing tactics are working for SaaS brands.

To help share that knowledge, our team writes dozens of blogs each year on topics ranging from PR tactics SaaS companies should employ to marketing best practices. These blogs not only reflect best practices we’ve gleaned from our work with the media and insights from SaaS marketing leaders, but also some of the biggest trends in SaaS PR.

Here are our most-read blog posts of 2019:

Jocelyn Brown, SVP of Customers & Revenue at Allocadia#5: SaaS Marketing Perspectives: Jocelyn Brown Allocadia

As SVP of customers and revenue at Allocadia, Jocelyn Brown oversees marketing, sales, partner and customer success teams to provide an exceptional customer experience. Jocelyn shares insights and lessons learned from her career for our SaaS Marketing Perspectives series, including how to align marketing, sales, partner and customer success to ensure that each team is working with the same focus.

B2B SaaS media coverage mix#4: What to Expect from a B2B SaaS Media Relations Program

Each quarter we evaluate the coverage that we get for all of our clients at both a client level (quarterly reports) and an agency level. Doing so helps us see trends in what’s working in SaaS media relations, and what isn’t driving value for our clients. This post explores trends surrounding the B2B tech and SaaS media relations landscape gleaned for coverage generated over ten months.

B2B SaaS press release strategy#3: Applying the 4 Pillars of B2B SaaS PR to Press Release Strategies 

When developing a press release strategy for a SaaS business, frequency isn’t the only factor. This blog digs into the ten core types of releases we recommend for SaaS companies and the key audiences each type can help a company reach. 

Creating Wikipedia Page#2: Creating a New Wikipedia Page: Dos and Don’ts from Ethical Wiki’s David King

Our clients often ask us, can you get us a Wikipedia page for our company? Unfortunately, our answer as a B2B SaaS PR agency has to be no, so we tapped an expert on the topic. In our first guest post, Wikipedia editor and consultant David King discusses what SaaS companies need to know before creating a Wikipedia page.

newswire services#1: Are Newswire Services Worth the Spend?

Issuing a release via BusinessWire, PRNewswire or the like used to be a must, but with today’s media landscape, using newswire services to amplify company news is now most certainly optional. To help B2B SaaS marketing teams decide if they should pay for a newswire service or not, this blog shares common FAQs about newswire services.

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