SaaS PR Trends: BLASTmedia’s Top 5 Blogs of 2018

While we’re always excited to secure big hits, key analyst briefings and quality speaking opportunities, as a public relations agency servicing B2B SaaS brands, we know that sharing insights on what we’re seeing in the industry is just as important.

To help share that knowledge, our team writes dozens of blogs each year on topics ranging from the SaaS customer journey to how to use PR to support a marketing content strategy. These blogs not only reflect answers to questions we’re getting from our clients and insights we’ve gleaned from our work with the media, but also some of the biggest trends in SaaS PR.

Here are our most-read blog posts of 2018:

PR Measurement#5: 3 Traffic Metrics to Show PR Measurement Success

For years, marketers have been throwing PR in the “brand” category with little thought to how it helps the bottom line. But times are changing as CMOs and VPs of marketing are now being tasked to contribute — and attribute — their spend. This post explores how SaaS companies can look at defining PR success and three traffic metrics to use when measuring those efforts.

before hiring a SaaS PR agency#4: 3 Things to Do Before Hiring a SaaS PR Agency

Just because you’d like to engage an outside firm to lead PR efforts, doesn’t mean you have the budget. Fear not! There are a number of things you can do before hiring a SaaS PR agency to ensure your team is set up for early success — this post shares the top three.


Media Fragmentation#3: Media Fragmentation: How to Earn Brand Credibility

For marketing and sales professionals, media fragmentation can create increased difficulty in reaching target audiences. This post explores how marketing professionals can combat media fragmentation by understanding their audience and how PR can help more effectively reach those decision makers.

Understanding Share of Voice#2: PR Measurement: Understanding Share of Voice

When asked why they’re devoting time and effort to PR, many companies say “brand awareness.” However, brand awareness is pretty hard to quantify. Share of voice provides a way to look at media coverage on a deeper level and evaluate whether the brand is being referenced enough in material directly related to your industry. This post digs into how share of voice can be used in planning and goal setting, as well as adjusting outreach mid-campaign and communicating success overall.

SaaS-PR#1: Why PR Works for SaaS

When you think of PR, your brain might automatically shoot to gift guides and product roundups made popular by consumer brands and publications of the like. But PR has evolved — and so have the industries it can benefit. From the importance of market visibility to long, complicated sales cycles, this post explores how PR fits into — and also benefits — an overall marketing strategy for SaaS businesses.

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