SaaS Half Full Wrapped: Best of 2022

SaaS Half Full Wrapped: Best of 2022 with Saas Half Full and BLASTmedia branding


You didn’t expect us to skip an opportunity to do a SaaS Half Full Wrapped, right? From Mom Water to margaritas, our host, Lindsey Groepper, sat down and shared a drink with 16 guests in 2022 to discuss topics that impact B2B SaaS marketers – like marketing’s role in risk and compliance and achieving CMO and CFO alignment. 

Here we break down the top five most downloaded episodes of 2022. So grab a drink, sit back and relax as we take a trip down memory lane. 

#5 Achieving CMO and CFO Alignment with Avnita Gulati, Visa

On the show, we talked with Avnita Gulati, senior director of global marketing strategy and operations at Visa, who explained how the relationship between a CMO and CFO is about educating them on how marketing functions and creating a common vocabulary with your CFO for success. 

#4 Marketing’s Role in Risk and Compliance with Gina Hortatsos, LogicGate

Discussing a topic that marketers often overlook, Gina Hortatsos, CMO at LogicGate, came on the show to discuss why risk and compliance should be an organization-wide initiative. Instead of having this discussion once a year, Gina makes the case of why risk and compliance need to be proactive conversations with marketers at the table.

#3 Getting the Most Out of Your PR Agency Relationship with Kimberly Jefferson, BLASTmedia

Ever felt ‘meh’ or OK about the relationship between you and your PR agency? Connecting with one of our very own, Kimberly Jefferson, executive vice president at BLASTmedia, shared what it takes for a PR agency relationship to go from good to great and what to consider when working with a PR agency.

#2 Your First 30 Days as CMO with Rashmi Vittal, Productiv

Go on a podcast in your first 60 days as a CMO? While that may seem daunting, that’s exactly what Rashmi Vittal, CMO at Productiv, did on SaaS Half Full to discuss her first 30 days at Productiv. She goes into detail about what are the things CMOs should do immediately when joining a new company.

#1 Breaking Up with B2B Marketing Strategies with Justin Keller, Drift

*Insert air horns here* Coming in at #1 for 2022 is Justin Keller, vice president of revenue marketing at Drift. In our top episode of the year, Justin threw shade at B2B marketers; say what? Yes, he came on the show to challenge B2B marketers to go from boring and traditional to think more like a consumer marketers to switch things up for success. 

Whew, we made it. Thanks again to all of our guests and listeners. Whether you like cocktails or mocktails, if you’d like to try any of our guests’ drinks featured on the podcast, visit Shaker and Spoon.

Interested in being on the show? Drop us a line here. Otherwise, keep an eye out for the new season of SaaS Half Full, dropping in January 2023.

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