SaaS Leaders Weigh in on the Future of AI in the Workplace

With its rapid growth partnered with powerful capabilities, artificial intelligence — also known as AI — can be divisive. Some fear a not-so-distant takeover with robots replacing human workers, driving up unemployment or driving down wages. On the contrary, many CIOs and other business leaders recognize the need for AI applications to assist with more technical projects and to keep pace with competitors. According to Gartner, the number of enterprises implementing artificial intelligence grew 270 percent in the past four years and tripled in the past year.

SaaS Leaders See Benefits of Implementing AI

While AI has presented some significant challenges for business leaders, it has also opened the door to a lot of opportunities. Story-mining sessions with our B2B SaaS clients uncovered a number of ways that AI is adding to — not hindering — human productivity and automating mundane tasks. Using our clients’ expertise, our team secured coverage in media outlets including Forbes and VentureBeat.

Here are few benefits SaaS leaders anticipate businesses will see from implementing AI technology:

1. Improved Software Testing Efficiency

As Tamas Cser, CEO of Functionize shared in an interview with VentureBeat, “software testing has endured … a ‘QA winter’. This means developers and testers still maintain tests the same way as they did in the early ages of the internet.” Functionize aims to change that. The SaaS solution integrates with DevOps platforms. It then uses virtual machines to execute tests across operating systems to reduce test time creation and maintenance.

2. More Time for IT Professionals to Strategize

Moogsoft CEO, Phil Tee also sees AI as an opportunity for improved efficiency. As Tee shared with Forbes, “when AI works in tandem with the human mind, a new type of proactive work is possible—one in which professionals have dedicated time to strategically improve products and drive the business forward.”

3. A More Human Sales Process

It may sound counterintuitive, but co-founder Micha Breakstone insists there are ways that AI can help humanize the sales process — ultimately making sales more human. In a recent piece for Forbes, Breakstone focuses on the conversational aspects of salesmanship, explaining that when you use AI to “deconstruct a conversation into its core semantic and prosodic building blocks, interesting patterns begin to emerge.” Those patterns, according to Breakstone, can be used to improve the sales process.

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