How to Use PR During the Purchase Phase of the SaaS Customer Journey

Your buyer has made it through two phases of their SaaS customer journey, awareness, and consideration. At this point, it’s time for them to purchase your solution. While it may seem like you’ve sealed the deal, this isn’t a time to ease up.

At the purchase phase, your customer knows what they need to address a specific pain point. However, they haven’t decided on a final solution. This is your time to use PR to showcase why your solution is better than the rest.

The Importance of Multiple Touch Points

In the SaaS customer journey, B2B software decision makers typically do not make their final purchase decision after the first touch point. Using multiple touch points throughout the first two stages of the customer journey — awareness and consideration — helps build a foundation for the purchase phase.

Think about where your customer is during the purchase phase. At this point, they should have seen contributed content or perspectives from your company’s thought leaders and reviewed educational materials such as eBooks. This foundation of coverage will successfully guide your potential buyer into their purchase.

Securing Coverage That Closes Deals

It’s likely that your customer is still doing plenty of research before confirming their purchase. When using media coverage during the purchase phase, consider the following options.

  • Customer case studies 

    Sharing the experience of current customers using your solution can help potential buyers see what your solution is capable of, the benefits of your solution and provide a real-world example of your solution in use. Trade publications across a variety of industries — such as Marketing Week for marketing, Healthcare IT News for healthcare technology and Retail DIVE for retail tech and e-commerce — frequently highlight successful case studies. If your target buyer is reviewing these sites, this can be an organic way for them to hear from a customer’s perspective and learn more on a site they trust.

  • Product reviews 

    Provide reporters with demos of your product. In doing so, reporters can share their experience with the product, highlighting the positives, negatives and answering frequently asked questions in one location. Product reviews often play a significant role in a buyer’s purchase decision, so be sure to understand what media your buyers are paying attention to and place your focus their to secure coverage.

  • Analyst relationships 

    Establishing analyst relationships can provide you with the information and feedback you need to make your solution a top contender in the industry. Through PR, introductions can be made to analysts that can lead to inclusions in reports and possibly direct sales. These reports give your potential customer the third party validation they need to make their final purchase decision.

Incorporating PR to secure coverage that highlights your product and shares examples of the product in use can help your SaaS customer journey be much more effective making your potential buyer’s decision that much easier.

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