Extending the Reach of an eBook: How to Get More Eyes on Your Content

You did it! You put in a ton of hard work and your company eBook is complete! Yay, you!

But, now what?

Why did you create this fabulous piece of content? To be posted to the company website, tweeted out a few times, then lost into the abyss? Of course not. An eBook is a viable resource that can be used to secure media coverage, as well as a way to build credibility as an expert in your journey towards establishing your organization as a thought leader in an industry.

Time, resources, and money likely went into your eBook. Because of that, you should get the most out of the finished product. In this post, I’ll dive into three ways you can maximize your eBook.

Share it

Social media is one of the easiest ways to ensure your eBook is getting exposure. Make sure the book makes its way into your organization’s regular rotation of social media content. You can even target the eBook to specific audiences with a paid social media advertisements.

Don’t forget to encourage your employees to use their social media accounts too! While company-owned channels are a great place to start, employees can multiply the reach with their individual follower bases. Establish a clear process for sharing company content. Provide a synopsis of the eBook content for employees to craft original posts for their social media channels or craft a few sample posts they can issue.

Social media is a quick and easy way to ensure you’re extending the reach of the eBook, so make sure you’re taking advantage all the channels at your disposal.

Pitch it

Pitching your eBook to the media is a great way to extend its reach while establishing your organization as a thought leader in the field. A prime source of content for many sites these days is user-generated or contributed content. As the number of staff writers shrinks, various websites are looking to thought leaders and subject matter experts to contribute content, thus being a prime avenue for company content. Because sites only have so many writers on staff, pitching an ebook helps both the publication and your company.

While the entire eBook may be too long for an outlet to consider publishing in its entirety, there are other a few options outside of pitching the eBook as a whole. Consider taking tips or quotes from the text and sharing those insights with leading industry publications. Offering a list of tips as a piece of contributed content is also another way that an eBook could be pitched to the media.

Repurpose it

Finally, use your eBook content again for other marketing initiatives! Create a blog post summarizing or previewing the eBook’s content and link to the full eBook or a place where readers can download it on your site. This gives people a taste of what they’ll learn and can even help to drive traffic to gated content. The number of times an eBook can be repurposed for use on your website isn’t limited to once or twice. Consider using different sections of the eBook to create additional company blogs, holistically rounding out your content strategy.

Ebooks are also a great starting point to use when creating email marketing campaigns, webinars or presentations for speaking opportunities. You’ve likely created your eBook as a go-to resource for others about a specific topic, so don’t neglect it as a resource when creating other marketing materials about a similar topic.   

Looking for additional ways to get more out of your content? Check out these tips for maximizing media coverage for your organization.

Kelsey Sowder

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