Data Campaign: Pattern89

Pattern89 charged BLASTmedia with increasing awareness of the company as a leading voice in marketing automation

Pattern89 marketing AI graphic


Pattern89, a marketing AI platform to predict creative performance, charged BLASTmedia with developing a media relations strategy to increase awareness of the company as a leading voice in marketing automation. Insights and analysis provided by the data campaign led BLASTmedia to develop a strategy around leveraging Pattern89’s proprietary data to pave new inroads with media using bold insights that would catch the attention of marketers, business leaders and the general consumer.


BLASTmedia was tasked with closing a share of voice (SOV) gap between Pattern89 and its main competitor, which maintained an SOV of 75% prior to media outreach. In addition, Pattern89 needed to build up its digital reputation, as the company website’s Domain Authority was 26 points lower than the main competitor. 

BLASTmedia uncovered that a large portion of competitors’ media coverage came from internal data, something that P89 had not provided or leveraged in the past. 


The BLASTmedia team conducted an in-depth analysis of competitor media coverage, finding that nearly half of Pattern89’s top competitors’ coverage came from publicizing proprietary data. 

BLASTmedia aimed to secure data coverage by working with P89s data science team to uncover interesting points to use in the media. Once securing the data, the goal was to secure an interview with CEO R.J. Talyor in a national media outlet focused on marketing, technology or automation by the end of 2021. 

Through the below tactics, BLASTmedia was able to find interesting platform data surrounding how visuals/copy in ads shifted as restrictions lifted around the pandemic, and use this in a PR data campaign. 

Implementation and Tactics

  • Conducted internal brainstorming with Pattern89 CEO R.J. Talyor and engaged with Pattern89’s data scientist to extract key data points from the platform
  • Monitored target advertising, marketing and national media outlets with beat reporters covering the marketing/advertising verticals, including Adweek, AdAge, Insider, etc. to uncover what they were writing about as it relates to advertising during the pandemic
  • Compiled media lists and made outreach around data set on changing trends related to ad visuals or copy as a result of societal changes throughout the pandemic
  • Coordinated with Insider (formerly Business Insider) reporter to schedule an interview discussing the data points and commentary as to the “why” behind these trends
  • Extended the longevity of the proprietary data set by pitching tangential topics to trade publications like MediaPost, AdExchanger, etc.

Campaign Results

BLASTmedia met its objective to secure a minimum of one top-tier article featuring the data and an interview with CEO R.J. Talyor, with an Insider article referencing original data from the Pattern89 platform and commentary from R.J. The article, “A deluge of horny ads is about to flood America, as companies try to cash in on a country starved for physical contact,” also syndicated to Yahoo! News and Vox, reaching a potential audience of more than 192 million readers with an average Domain Authority of 93 (on a scale of 100). Before working with BLASTmedia on the data campaign, the share of voice was 6%. At the end of the campaign, the share of voice had increased 10% to a total of 16%.

Insider extended the longevity of that dataset by referencing it again in another article the following month, which also syndicated in Yahoo! News.

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