SaaS as a Recruiting Agent: 3 Ways HR Can Utilize Tech for Recruiting Efforts

According to ManpowerGroup, 75 percent of companies struggle to find skilled candidates even with the record-breaking of job openings. To stay ahead of competitors, many human resources professionals see the need for technology to aid in recruiting efforts. 

How HR departments can leverage technology to stand out

Companies and their human resources departments have many opportunities to use technology for recruiting and hiring. Tools include applicant tracking software, job search engines, and even social media. HR tech can also incorporate artificial intelligence to automate processes and enhance human efforts by reducing time on mundane tasks. 

Here are three tips HR departments can utilize to use SaaS as a recruiting agent: 

1. Simplify the application process

As Jason Carney, director of human resources for WorkSmart Systems, recently shared in an article for SmallBizDaily, “It is important to streamline the application process in order to prevent top talent from becoming disinterested.” According to a stat shared by Hireology, up to 60 percent of job seekers drop out of the application process. This is due to lengthy and complex applications. Making the overall process easier by limiting the application can help create more efficient use of time and keep a potential candidate’s interest in the company.

2. Humanize the experience

Breezy HR’s CEO, Darren Bounds, believes that HR technology can be used to humanize the application experience. “As reverse as it sounds, automation can help make those processes more humanized for both you and the candidate,” Bounds explains in a piece for, “Anything that can be automated through AI and technology helps to put time back in your hands in order to spend more time with candidates and less time filling out those documents.”

3. Relate with the younger generation

Technology as a whole can be used to entice younger generations. Companies can leverage their technology to relate to this tech-savvy workforce while they are looking for jobs. In a recent interview with The Lead Pedal Podcast, Jeremy Reymer, CEO of DriverReach, explains how outdated industries are implementing technology to relate with younger generations. He describes how the trucking industry is taking action with “more and more semiautonomous functionality, and all of the spaces that technology is being outfitted into the truck today, is a lure for drivers and attracting some of the younger audiences.”

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