3 Reasons Trade Media Matters in B2B SaaS

SaaS companies often embark on a PR program with the goal of earning top-tier coverage. I can’t think of a company that doesn’t want to be in the Wall Street Journal. Because of the sometimes myopic focus on household name publications, too often companies dismiss trade media as low-value, particularly compared to national outlets. 

While trade media might not have the Domain Authority or logo recognition of national media, it does give SaaS brands the opportunity to speak directly to buyer audiences on topics that matter to those prospects. For that reason, it should come as no surprise that the companies in the top 25 of the SaaS 1000 understand the value of including trade outlets in the mix: 63% of all coverage earned by the top 25 was in trade media — articles which speak directly to prospects. 

These fast-growing brands see the value of trade coverage as core to a SaaS media relations strategy. Below are three reasons we agree:

No. 1: Speak directly to the buyer audience.

For both prospects and current customers, trade media is a source of tactical execution information. We tell our clients: your trade content should help your buyer do their job better. Not only does this type of content help target buyers look better at work, but it also helps software companies demonstrate on-the-ground expertise in a target vertical. 

Additionally, where national press might be apprehensive to cover company-focused news like executive hires, integrations and product announcements, trade outlets will more often oblige. Software sales reps can use coverage on these topics in third-party media as fodder for refreshing prospect email cadences, further reaching target buyers.

No. 2: Build a media presence.

Earning coverage in top-tier media is a goal your PR team should never lose sight of, but earning a feature in TechCrunch as the first piece of coverage, especially as a startup, isn’t likely. Whether a company is freshly launching or embarking on a new PR program, trade media is an ideal source for building a first-time media presence. By contributing thought leadership and news to trade outlets, SaaS companies can build credibility with both prospects and editors at top-tier publications. The thought leadership coverage secured in trade outlets can be used later as a proof point by journalists at more widely-read trade publications and national outlets when considering someone from your company as a source. 

No. 3: Trade media allows brands to reach new vertical targets. 

For new companies and companies looking to target new industries, trade media also provides an opportunity to showcase industry expertise. When SaaS companies create a new offering or begin to target new verticals, trade coverage can give them credibility. For example, if a company’s software has previously been built to support marketing teams, but has new functionality for sales and customer support, our team would earn coverage in those new verticals to raise awareness among the new buyer persona.

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