3 Reasons to Develop a PR Strategy For Your Next Funding Round

You’ve gone through months of product development, hiring and pitching investors, and now you’re finally ready to let the world know that you’ve raised a funding round for your SaaS business. What’s next?

1. Control messaging.

For some, all of this work culminates with a champagne toast at the office as the world continues to move around them, but for others who have a PR strategy in place, the world celebrates with them.

Celebrations aside, creating a PR strategy for your next funding round allows you to maximize the return on this event, in a way that dollars alone can’t. Here are three ways a comprehensive media relations strategy can amplify the impact of your next round (on top of that day-of buzz):

Sure, you could chance a few outlets picking up your news without controlled outreach, but that also means they’ll use whatever messaging fits into their narrative. By creating a well-rounded PR strategy, you’ll have better control of that messaging by helping guide reporters to the heart of the story. With assets, like a press release, and targeted outreach for each reporter, you can help the media interpret the story and include personalized commentary for their readers. By carefully crafting your outreach, you can hit the right people with the right message around how the round will impact their stake in your company.

2. Target outlets who will make an impact.

Without a PR strategy, your news may never make it outside of your blog, which means you’re leaving a lot on the table when it comes to potential visibility. By determining a PR strategy beforehand, you can hit publications that not only amplify the news but make a true impact for your SaaS brand. With targeted outreach that hits publications your stakeholders are already reading, your news can claim the eyes of stakeholders like prospects, current customers, partners, investors and employees alike.

3. Maximize buzz past day one.

If you have an engaged employee base, announcement day can be extra exciting for your social media. But, while employees (hopefully) help amplify the news on social media day-of, the buzz drops off when they wake up the next morning and go back to their usual day-to-day. A PR strategy can help amplify the news past day one so your company sees continued momentum. After all, it took you more than a day to secure that funding round, so you should be able to leverage the accomplishment of your SaaS brand for more than a day!

How do you build an impactful PR strategy for your next funding round? Check out our new ebook, Maximizing Your Funding Momentum, to get started!

Lydia Beechler

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Lydia Beechler

As BLASTmedia’s Director of Learning & Development, Lydia contributes to agency growth and expertise by creating opportunities for professional and personal development for BLAST’s employees. With a background in media relations and a passion for people, she leads the charge on training around everything from diving into new media relations tactics and exploring developments in the world of SaaS, to keeping up-to-date on agency tools. When she's not at work, you'll likely find Lydia out for a morning run or spending time with her husband and son.

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