3 Proven PR Strategies for Product-Led Growth

Among SaaS companies, product-led growth strategies have quickly taken over as the most effective way to scale faster, improve the user experience and increase go-to-market efficiency. Take the likes of Slack, Dropbox or Calendly. These brands rely on their products to build a large bench of active end users, who are then converted into paying customers. With affordability and accessibility on their side, SaaS companies can attract and acquire a wider audience by enabling them to evaluate and adopt the solution on their own. 

Along with a user-centric mindset and scalable distribution model, PR plays an important role in maximizing the PLG playbook. To succeed in the current climate, SaaS companies must rise to meet the demands of their end users. Product-led growth is all about giving users the power. From third-party validation to owned data insights, PR provides another avenue for SaaS companies to expand their reach, engage their audience and influence their buyers. 

Customer Stories

Everyone loves a success story, especially when it gives them an idea of how to improve their own situation. Sharing customer use cases is a great way to showcase how you can significantly improve your audience’s operations. Customers act as third-party validation for your solution. In an era when end users reign supreme, this is critical to growth. 

There’s an opportunity for customers to buy into your PR strategy by participating in your media efforts. For example, Phenom’s customer, Southwest Airlines, was featured in a Wall Street Journal article about their hiring plans during the pandemic, highlighting the essential role Phenom’s TXM platform played in their hiring and recruiting process.  

Thought Leadership 

Today, your audience is doing more research on their own than ever before. They want to know how to solve specific business problems, and thought leadership from your executives educates them by providing actionable insights on how to overcome those obstacles. 

Whether it’s a quote or a bylined article, thought leadership allows your business to highlight the benefits of technology. For example, in this TechCrunch+ article from Help Lightning’s CEO on what to consider when implementing remote visual assistance into your tech stack, Help Lightning spoke to the specific value their technology offer businesses. 

Data Reports

One of the most valuable things you can give your audience is the gift of industry insight. By analyzing and anonymizing platform data or conducting industry research, you can uncover valuable insights to help your audience understand the current state of their industry and identify opportunities to solve their problems. 

Casted recently released its inaugural The State of the Content Marketer Report, which identifies common pain points and growth opportunities for today’s content marketers. By exposing the biggest barriers stopping your audiences from successfully performing, you are providing them with the information they need to make important changes to their operations.   

Successfully achieving product-led growth is a journey. In the end user era of business, SaaS companies can maximize their PLG playbook by pursuing other avenues to reach their target audiences. Tapping into the power of PR to help drive organizational goals, such as engagement, reach and revenue, will set the best product-led growth strategies apart from the rest.   
If you’re interested in learning more about how PR can impact your SaaS company’s product-led growth, contact Lindsey Groepper to chat about how BLASTmedia can help.  


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