B2B Tech PR Trends to Dominate 2024

As 2023 wraps up, our team reflected on the significant events of this past year to forecast the top trends shaping tech PR strategies in 2024. From big moments like Silicon Valley Bank to Hamas attacking Israel to Open AI firing Sam Altman, the need for communicators in the decision room is clear. Here are our top predictions for tech brands gearing up for an unpredictable 2024 environment.

Non-traditional media outlets like Reddit, YouTube and podcasts will gain prominence for targeting developer and technical audiences rather than broader trade publications. Also, while AI may have dazzled as a buzzword, it will take more substantive narratives around problem-solving use cases rather than generic “innovation” to drive ongoing coverage. – Kate Johnson, VP of PR

Large analyst firms will face more hesitation from tech brands due to high costs and rigid frameworks that don’t always fit. Attention will shift to more specialized firms that provide flexibility, custom insights and impactful recommendations in a tight funding climate. – Jake Doll, VP of PR

With tightened funding, B2B SaaS PR strategy will pivot from product marketing to executive thought leadership. Owned assets will highlight innovations, while earning external media coverage builds credibility for company leaders to court crucial investor and employee audiences. – Kim Jefferson, EVP of PR

Per recent surveys, buyers rely more on LinkedIn to research vendors. Hence, B2B SaaS brands should invest more in ghostwritten, bylined content for executives to extend their industry voice and drive qualified traffic. – Zach Weismiller, VP of PR

And my own prediction…Industry watchers will shift from established analyst firms seen as “pay-to-play” to more impartial emerging influencers. For a transparent software selection process, customer review platforms like G2 that provide objective validation will only grow in value.

While the forecast for 2024 is more uncertain for PR pros, it also offers ample potential for brands willing to navigate this changing environment. As new influencers, platforms, and priorities emerge, the principles of conveying compelling and trustworthy narratives through engaged human connections remain.

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Kelsey Sowder

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