Moz, the leader in search engine optimization technology, engaged BLASTmedia following the company’s acquisition of STAT Search Analytics — a move that took Moz deeper into the local search space. As part of the overall goal of elevating the search conversation to the C-Suite, strengthening its position in local search was now a focus for the brand as well.

To help increase recognition of the company as an authority within the local search space, Moz created the “State of Local SEO” report covering best practices and areas of opportunities for local search marketers. The report included observations from a range of individuals, from people working to market a single small business to agency marketers with large local business clients.


BLASTmedia was challenged with creating a PR strategy that would drive more organic visibility for the State of Local SEO report. With a paid strategy in place, the agency worked with Moz on timing and tactics that would create a strong report launch across the board and drive traffic to the report landing page.


As the SEO job function is not reserved for one specific title, BLASTmedia understood that to reach key audiences outreach would need to include a variety of messaging, tailored to each individual target vertical and ultimately, the readers of outlets within each vertical.

Using the “State of Local SEO” report, along with a press release announcing the report as collateral and coinciding thought leadership angles, BLASTmedia made outreach to SEO trade, marketing trade, advertising trade, marketing podcasts and marketing writers at top tier business outlets ahead of the report going live on the website. In the case of top target publications, BLASTmedia also offered up Moz experts and industry practitioners to speak on the report data.

Following the launch, BLASTmedia continued to make outreach to target media, using a variety of tactics that help extend the life and usefulness of this marketing asset. Efforts included:

  • Working with the team at Moz to develop contributed content around topics identified in the report. Pieces were then pitched to target media outlets.
  • Making outreach to target media, offering the “State of Local SEO” report coupled with a secondary report, “Local Search Ranking Factors.” In doing so, the team was able to extend the life of the report.
  • Pitching trends in local SEO and utilizing the “State of Local SEO” report to draft quotes and materials to fulfill media requests in trend predictions


Compared to the release of a prior downloadable asset that did not have BLASTmedia’s efforts behind it, Moz’s “State of Local SEO” report saw a 129% increase in landing page views over a three-month promotion period.

Moz also saw an increase in brand awareness as an authority within the local search space, as indicated by the following metrics:

  • 30 pieces of coverage secured with target keywords tying Moz to local SEO
  • Coverage in publications with readership matching Moz’s target audience, including The Content Experience Show podcast, MediaPost, The Next Web, LSA Insider, Search Engine Journal and Martech Zone podcast

Media relations was proven as an organic traffic driver for Moz reports and will be leveraged in the marketing mix for future report launches.

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