SaaS company, Mediafly, provides a mobile sales-enablement solution to new business leaders. The company’s competitor and dominant industry player, Seismic, acquired SAVO, another company in the sales-enablement space. The acquisition suggested that these two well-known competitors would likely dominate industry headlines. However, it also provided a new opportunity for Mediafly to increase mindshare and add value to the conversation.


BLASTmedia only had a few days to formulate a strategy and reaction before the news was released, including nailing down a time to speak with Mediafly’s CEO before the announcement. Not yet seen as a dominant industry player, the acquisition also challenged Mediafly to add value to conversation in a time when competitors were consuming the headlines.


With the understanding that target media outlets would likely be covering the news, BLASTmedia knew they could draw on existing media relationships and reactive pitching experience to hijack momentum of this competitor announcement. In doing so, the SaaS PR agency could insert commentary that increased brand awareness and positioned Mediafly as a thought leader, but the team had to move fast.

Within days of learning of the forthcoming acquisition, BLASTmedia advised Mediafly on how to leverage the news from a company marketing perspective and organized a reactive PR campaign. The goal was to secure a share of voice for Mediafly in the conversation surrounding the acquisition, giving the company visibility to Seismic and SAVO customers and partners.

As the cornerstone of this reactive campaign, BLASTmedia recommended that that Mediafly quickly get perspective from its CEO regarding the possible impact of the acquisition on existing customer and the marketplace overall. With this information, BLASTmedia drafted an executive quote for Mediafly’s CEO inclusive of key messaging and what the acquisition news meant for the sales enablement industry as a whole, as well as for both of the competitors’ customers.

BLASTmedia started reactive outreach as soon as the acquisition news went public, reaching out to marketing trade, sales trade and local media contacts who covered SAVO or Seismic in the past — and thus were already familiar with the companies and more likely to cover the acquisition. In the days following, BLASTmedia monitored for coverage of the announcement and reactively pitched those covering the acquisition, offering the quote as industry commentary with a unique perspective to round-out any stories.

BLASTmedia also advised Mediafly on its digital marketing strategy surrounding the news:

  • Use the executive quote to draft a blog post highlighting the news and what the deal means for the industry
  • Leverage the blog post across Mediafly’s social media channels once the news broke — and weeks following — including a link to and mention of the blog post in any customer-facing newsletters
  • Monitor social media channels, specifically Twitter, for any chatter around the acquisition. If any of the competitors’ customers voiced concern on the acquisition, make 1-to-1 outreach to said customer on behalf of Mediafly


Mediafly’s CEO was quoted in all but one piece of industry coverage surrounding the acquisition, including, MarTech Advisor, DemandGen Report, Xconomy Chicago and Crain’s Chicago Business. Each article included the pre-drafted quote which highlighted key company messaging, effectively newsjacking a competitor announcement.

Outreach also generated interest in a piece of contributed content from Mediafly about sales enablement consolidation with Crain’s Chicago Business, a target local outlet.

MarTech Advisor

“Companies that can successfully scale, prioritize tangible customer success and remain innovative and nimble will pull ahead of the pack.”

DemandGen Report

“Companies that can successfully scale, prioritize tangible customer success and remain innovative and nimble will pull ahead of the pack.”


“A healthy shakeup for this space that is sure to create new opportunities and attract financial investment.”