In identifying the popularity of containers, and the attack surface that these new ecosystems represent, CloudPassage, the leader in automated cloud workload and container security, launched Container Secure. This broad set of automated compliance and security controls for containers was first introduced during a three-month beta to select CloudPassage customers, press and analysts — before debuting in-full during AWS re:Invent.


As CloudPassage’s PR agency, the company looked to BLASTmedia to develop a launch strategy that would introduce Container Secure to the market in a way that would clear confusion and generate conversation throughout the beta period, as well as at launch. BLASTmedia also aimed to generate direct conversations between CloudPassage spokespeople and the media, as well as yield compelling stories establishing Container Secure as the leading solution for automated cloud workload security and container security.


In the months leading up to the launch of Container Secure, BLASTmedia took advantage of a number of PR tactics — including media relations, analyst relations and thought leadership — to help build momentum for the announcement. Following the beta period, BLASTmedia helped announce the launch of the new offering during one of the largest industry trade shows, AWS re:Invent.

Beta Period

At the start of the beta, BLASTmedia leveraged relationships with top-tier media — including both media who were familiar with CloudPassage and those new to the brand — to offer pre-briefings with CloudPassage spokespeople, to discuss company updates, as well as provide information about the state of the industry at large and how new CloudPassage offerings could have an impact. BLASTmedia began outreach to B2B product reviewers to offer demos of Container Secure and access to a free trial.

BLASTmedia also used this time to position CloudPassage spokespeople as thought leaders in containers and container security. The team worked to establish thought leadership in two ways:

  1. Interviews — Offered CloudPassage CTO and co-founder, as well as additional experts and industry practitioners, to speak on industry trends related to containers, including how there are now multiple types of perimeters to secure, as well as his predictions for the future of containers.
  2. Contributed content — BLASTmedia worked with the team at CloudPassage to develop contributed content around a variety of compliance and container topics, including pieces that addressed security concerns related to containers. These pieces were then placed with target media outlets, like CSO, TechBeacon and TechRepublic. BLASTmedia also utilized an infographic about containers, which covered container security and general IT to help further propel the message.

In addition to media outreach, BLASTmedia also conducted analyst outreach during the beta period. Both initial briefings on CloudSecure, as well as regular updates, were provided to analysts ahead of the November announcement. By sharing product updates with analysts from firms such as Gartner, Forrester, and 451 Research, the team was able to take advantage of analyst support to back messaging about CloudPassage as the first company to offer automated cloud workload security and container security.

Product Debut at Industry Conference

Hosted annually by Amazon Web Services, AWS re:Invent is the largest global cloud computing conference. As such, BLASTmedia worked with CloudPassage to establish how to leverage this event for the Container Secure launch.

After establishing that the announcement should coincide with AWS re:Invent, BLASTmedia began outreach prior to the show to secure press briefings and demos during the event. The team also followed-up with media who were briefed during the beta period to make sure they had all the necessary information to cover the announcement. In addition, the BLASTmedia team reached out to press attending the show to offer CloudPassage for inclusion in show round-ups.


As a result of our outreach, CloudPassage briefed more than 80 analysts and media contacts. Efforts led to more than 15 pieces of Container Secure and AWS re:Invent coverage in November alone, including two product reviews. Within nine months, BLASTmedia secured more than 60 pieces of coverage for Container Secure, including coverage from outlets such as eWeek, CSO, TechTarget and LightReading.


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