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things every SaaS thought leader has in common

3 Things Every Impactful Thought Leader Has in Common

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It’s a common assumption that a thought leader can be built from the ground up. And, while the tactical elements of this are true — like contributing more articles to industry magazines or improving the way you’re represented on social media — there are a few … shall we say, soft skills… every successful thought leader needs that can’t be put in place by a PR team.

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SaaS brand Salesforce

Taking a Strong Stance: How Marc Benioff Got Press Attention by Being Bold

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Have you ever stopped to think about how Salesforce became the media magnet it is today? Let’s face it: software isn’t necessarily the sexiest thing out there, and SaaS brands have to work to get noticed in today’s booming tech landscape. As the driving force behind the company, Marc Benioff stepped out on the ledge with bold statements to get his SaaS brand noticed from the get-go. Read More

3 Truths That All SaaS Sales Reps Understand

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According to Redpoint Ventures Managing Director Tomasz Tunguz, SaaS companies invest between 80 percent and 120 percent of their revenue in sales and marketing in the first five years of their existence. That’s a lot of monetary pressure to put on sales and marketing teams. And when it comes to SaaS sales, it’s a totally different beast from other B2B tech sales. You’re selling software and service — and this means that company you’re trying to woo is tied to your business for as long as they want to use your product. It’s a true commitment!

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Why PR Works for SaaS

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When you think of PR, your brain might automatically shoot to gift guides and product roundups made popular by consumer brands and publications of the like. But PR has evolved — and so have the industries it can benefit. From Salesforce’s iconic ‘No Software’ campaign building recognition within the industry to 250ok’s industry report generating buzz across prospects, SaaS companies across the globe are beginning to realize where SaaS PR fits into an overall marketing strategy. Read More