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Lydia Beechler


How PR Can (and Can’t) Support a Customer Summit

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Customer summits are the pinnacle of the year for many SaaS brands. Even now, we’ve seen user conference after user conference go virtual to ensure the show goes on. And with any well-planned customer summit comes a full-fledged marketing campaign, with various email pushes, digital promotions and personal touchpoints, all encouraging those valuable customers to walk through the door…

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things every SaaS thought leader has in common

3 Things Every Impactful Thought Leader Has in Common

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It’s a common assumption that a thought leader can be built from the ground up. And, while the tactical elements of this are true — like contributing more articles to industry magazines or improving the way you’re represented on social media — there are a few … shall we say, soft skills… every successful thought leader needs that can’t be put in place by a PR team.

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