Upping the Heat with Simmering B2B Tech Coverage

By August 7, 2018 August 9th, 2018 Client Successes

As summer simmers on and many people try to beat the heat, our team has embraced the sweltering temperatures and continued the hustle to secure hot media coverage for B2B tech clients. From product use cases and funding news to leadership tips and industry commentary, we’ve covered it all.

Our efforts create visibility and rapport for thought leaders in a highly competitive B2B tech landscape. By establishing our clients as experts in their field, we create and deliver media coverage with the ability to impact an entire business. Still not convinced of the benefits? Here are some examples of how we’ve kept the coverage heat wave rolling:

  • TechCrunch took notice of High Alpha’s recent $100M in funding, featuring the venture studio in a piece about the rise of tech in the Midwest.
  • Mediafly shared advice with Inc. how to recognize when it’s time to make a change in order to keep your business alive.
  • Moogsoft enlightened readers about the smart cities of the future in Forbes and TechRepublic.
  • Crosley discussed why landline phones will never go away with the Wall Street Journal.
  • WorkSmart’s HR director, Jason Carney, shared leadership and interviewing tips with TechRepublic and HuffPost.
  • Entrepreneur featured insights from John Wechsler, the founder of Launch Fishers, on why your next hire should be a coding school graduate.
  • FLI Charge made their case for juice mobile power in classrooms in an article on  9to5Mac.
  • BiSim spoke with Chief Executive about the keys to being successful co-CEOs.

Feeling a media cold front at your business? Want to be an expert in the B2B tech media landscape? Reach out to Lindsey Groepper to find out how BLASTmedia can help you score media coverage for your B2B tech business.


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