B2B SaaS PR Agency BLASTmedia Launches New Startup Program

By June 19, 2018 Company News

INDIANAPOLIS (June 19, 2018) — BLASTmedia, a national B2B SaaS PR agency has announced a new tech startup PR program. The program is aimed at B2B SaaS startups that are looking to launch their companies or products, announce a funding round and/or build thought leadership.

According to a Harvard Business Review study, 75 percent of all venture-backed startups fail. The reasons for failure are numerous, but failing to build a legitimate brand is one of the chief reasons that startups fail. BLASTmedia’s specialized PR program fuels awareness for startups to beat the odds.

“We believe that coming out of the gate with a strong message and brand is critical to a startup’s early success,” said Chris Lucas, vice president of BLASTmedia. “In a space as crowded as SaaS, you’re most likely joining a noisy market with a handful of incumbents at launch. You need to tell your story, how you are different and how you will win in an effective manner.”

BLASTmedia’s tech startup PR program creates the opportunity for companies with tight budgets to earn market awareness and credibility, without committing to a long-term agency contract. Engagements are three to six months, focusing on media relations activity, competitive landscape analysis and content creation. Throughout the engagement, startups will lay a foundation for share of voice amongst competitors, shareable content for marketing and sales, increased web traffic, employee engagement and recruiting while elevating key executives as thought leaders.

“One of the most critical pain points we hear from startups and scale-ups is the need to gain market awareness and exposure. That’s a tall order, as most companies in that stage are focused on building their product first,” said Sara Croft, Senior Director of Communication at TechPoint, Indiana’s tech accelerator. “An experienced PR agency like BLASTmedia can give tech companies the ability to focus on their product, while PR experts help craft the message and marketability. Additionally, this new startup model eliminates previous barriers to accessing those resources.”

Startups can learn more about BLASTmedia’s startup PR program by visiting http://blastmedia.com/tech-startup.


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BLASTmedia is a national B2B SaaS PR agency that takes a holistic approach to PR and its impact on a client’s business. Through impactful media coverage, content development and thought leadership, we influence customers, employees and investors to listen, trust and act.


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