Thought Leadership and Your News Cycle

By February 9, 2017 Industry Perspective

Funding, new customers and notable hires— they’re the announcements of PR teams’ dreams. But, while this kind of momentum is big news for companies themselves, it’s also happening for hundreds of other companies every single day. So, how can your team create buzz around exciting company news without relying solely on press release shares and announcement-focused news articles? That’s where thought leadership comes in.

By leveraging thought leadership topics throughout your news cycle, you can keep the buzz going while also building up your company spokespeople as leaders in their space. Here are three steps to keeping your brand in the news and maintaining continuous momentum with media:

  1.     Identify overarching learnings.

Help weave in opportunities for thought leadership by identifying overarching themes and learnings from your announcement. Is it a product launch? Determine why it matters to your audience and how the product is changing or improving the industry. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have your talking points for a bigger angle on the industry as a whole, rather than your singular product announcement, which more often than not, don’t warrant day-of media coverage.

  1. Pitch thought leadership topics and announcements together.

Once you’ve identified a larger industry angle from your announcement, don’t be afraid to use it. We’ve found that pitching the topics in tandem, such as reaching out about the announcement and offering the spokesperson to chat about the announcement in specific or how it ties to the larger industry trend, to be successful. Remember — just because you’re talking about a bigger industry trend doesn’t mean you can’t sneak in a mention or two about how your new product fits in or why you’re allotting your funding to focus on that specific area.

  1. Be creative with who you pitch.

Just because a reporter might not cover a product announcement or new hire doesn’t mean they won’t be interested in a trending industry topic. As you’re planning for outreach around an announcement, don’t exclude contacts that may be receptive to a broader industry angle. As you do this, be sure to tailor your pitch to each reporter’s specific beat and personal interests to ensure you’re giving them the information they’ll want upfront.

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