Top of the Funnel: Why PR Should Matter to Your Business

By January 31, 2017 February 1st, 2017 Industry Perspective
Top of the Funnel: Why PR Should Matter to Your Business

As every business knows, it’s tough to make a sale if a customer never enters the proverbial sales funnel in the first place. This simple fact makes PR is worth its weight in gold for generating brand awareness and interest. While PR can’t guarantee sales, it does start interested parties down the path toward becoming customers. PR is the top level of the sales funnel, bringing potential customers closer to your brand by creating opportunities to become informed and invested.

Leveraging content

Content has become more important than ever when positioning your company as a thought leader. Blog posts, interviews, social media, videos, podcasts, and other assets are essential to sharing your organization’s story and expertise. PR leverages content to create brand awareness and expand your reach and influence to target potential customers.

Not only does PR have the ability to reach new audiences, but PR-driven content has the power to motivate people to seek out additional information. Let’s say an individual is scanning through their favorite media outlet when they stumble upon an article featuring your company. Intrigued, they travel to your website to learn more. While they wouldn’t yet qualify as a lead, this individual has already found something compelling about your brand. That makes them a prime candidate to move down the sales funnel — especially if they came from an outlet whose target audience matches yours.

Moving through the funnel

PR doesn’t stop at the top of the funnel, though. PR-driven content has the ability to impact your business throughout the sales process. A thought leadership piece on industry trends can inspire confidence in your organization’s expertise. Customer success stories and case studies allow interested parties to see how you’ve solved problems similar to their own. A list of best practices may enable a customer in the trial phase of the funnel to access the complete benefits of your product. Any of these angles might lead a potential customer to commit to a full purchase.

Once again, content is essential. Very few customers will travel all the way through the sales funnel without doing some homework, so the more captivating information you have to offer, the better. A robust blog, engaging social media channels, a regularly updated company newsroom, and compelling spokespeople round out a solid PR strategy that can spur potential customers towards the ultimate goal: sales.

Even better: once you’ve made the sale, you have the opportunity to build satisfied customers into brand advocates. Oftentimes, these brand advocates will happily supply testimonials, case studies, and other content to feed your PR efforts. Who knows — their success story may be just the piece to pull your next potential customer into the funnel!

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  • Hey Drew, great post. You’ve nailed it when you say PR is the top level of the sales funnel. I’d go further and say it’s more than that, it’s how the public perceive or relate to your brand. So it’s everything from how you answer the telephone to how often you update the website.

    What a lot of brands still don’t get is that the public are sharing their opinions about them everyday and with social media public sentiment in a brand can be spread much faster and more widely than ever before. So why PR should matter to your business is the wrong question in my eyes. It’s more a case of should you try to influence public perception of your business for the better or are you happy to leave it to chance?

    Keep up the great work!

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