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While the true PR world may not be identical to the one depicted in Sex and the City, why not dress like it anyways? Studies show that looking good makes you feel good, so adding a pop of color or some new accessories to your wardrobe could be just the thing you need to boost your productivity levels in the office! Here are some suggestions to revamp your style this summer:

Summertime means dresses, dresses, dresses! Pair a feminine summer dress with a simple cardigan/blazer, or a flowy skirt with a fitted top. Not a fan of bare legs? A bright pair of loose-fitting trousers matched with heels gives off a summery businesswoman feel as well.

Summer work attire

Want to make a statement? Add a pop of color to one piece of any of the outfits mentioned above. Bold necklaces are another way to make an average ensemble instantly more stylish through either the nature of style or color. Stacked bracelets, commonly referred to as arm candy, are another summer trend making its way to the top. Pair a watch and multiple bracelets/cuffs that you wouldn’t normally wear at once together and you’d be amazed at what chic combinations you’ll find in your jewelry box.

summer accent nails

An underrated aspect of style is nail polish. Simply having your nails pretty and painted can make you feel like a million bucks. A good manicure pulls together any style, and a bad one can ruin any style. Great summer nail colors include coral, soft pink, lilac and nude! Feeling extra glam? Give your ring fingers a fun accent nail design!

Things to watch out for this summer:

  • Synthetics. Beat the heat by watching what materials you wear – natural fibers like cotton and linen won’t trap in the warmth like polyester does.
  • Hemlines. As the temperature rises, so do our hemlines. Be sure all skirts, dresses and shorts are an appropriate length to look professional.
  • Cleavage. Summer tank top necklines are often a little too low for the office. Make sure any shirt you wear doesn’t give those around you the wrong impression.
  • Sheerness. While sheer shirts are certainly trendy, the office may not be the right place to rock this style. If you do, however, be sure that appropriate underclothing is worn to avoid too much skin being shown.

In need of some more office fashion inspiration? ASOS Fashion Finder features a chic Office in the Summer segment to give those of us lost in the world of clothes and accessories a few ideas!


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