BLASTmedia Company Spotlight: Why We Love It Here

By February 8, 2013 Work at BLAST

At BLASTmedia, we’re as passionate about our integrated social media and PR strategies as we are about our company. We took a moment to ask a few BLASTies to pinpoint their favorite things about working at BLAST, what makes the culture unique, and why they don’t cringe at the thought of coming into work every day.

Take a listen to what they said, from candy to creativity.

“I enjoy goofing around with people at work. This past Halloween, we dressed up in costumes for work. It’s a perfect example of our mentality: Work hard, play hard.” -Meghan Matheny, B2B PR account supervisor

group Halloween photo

“I like that my work challenges me creatively.” -Leslie Saxman, social media account executive

“The BLAST family is warm and inviting. They’re always ready to help you learn and advance in your career field. Plus, the company culture understands you have a life outside of work and designates once-monthly half-day Fridays.” -Megan Gish, social media account executive

“This industry is always changing, especially when it comes to how businesses are using social and digital media. I appreciate the fact my job encourages me to continue learning and provides me with the opportunity to try out new tools and techniques.” -Anna Julow, account supervisor

“We have bonding activities, like monthly lunch pitch-ins. We all get together, bring food, and hang out.” -Jeff Gaisor, paid media specialist

“I love working with such a diverse clientele base. Besides PR, social media, and digital content, I’ve learned about a variety of industries I wouldn’t otherwise have been exposed to.” -Molly Noonan, account executive

“Two words. Candy. Drawer.” -Blake Fife, senior digital content producer

BLASTmedia Candy Drawer

“I love our work environment. The walls are spray painted, we have medicine balls to sit on, and the music is always playing to remind us that work can be fun.” -Ryan Noel, YouTube ad specialist

“I love extra curricular activities with the BLAST family.” -Beth Ann McDonald, account executive

“Your employers care about your personal life and want you to enjoy it. Half-day Fridays during the summer reflect that!” -Paul Schreiber, digital content producer

“Thinking outside the box is a requirement for what we do at BLAST. Monotony is not a thing here. I appreciate that, and the natural light in the office doesn’t hurt, either!” -Heike Baird, social media account executive

So, what exactly is it that we do here, you might ask? BLASTmedia is a communications agency that focuses on converged media. Through a combination of paid, earned and owned media, our campaigns influence every touch point in the customer acquisition process. And we’re always looking for smart, fun, and talented people to join our B2B and B2C PR, and social media teams.

Sound good? A bit more about our company: BLASTmedia provides competitive wages, paid holidays, PTO, and benefits, including a 401(k) plan with discretionary employer match and bonus opportunities. As you’ve seen through these quotes from our team, we provide a challenging, fun, and highly energetic work environment inclusive of a stocked fridge with sodas and snacks, a breakfast bar, and half-day Fridays during the summer months.

If BLASTmedia sounds like your workplace cup of tea, feel free to send resumes and inquiries to info@BLASTmedia.com.

And if you’re a young grad or current student interested in BLAST, or you’d just like some helpful tips on interviewing for jobs and internships and preparing a resume, come visit us in person for our next Media Monday. Coming up on February 25, this casual discussion with our team will provide you with real-life advice on landing that dream internship (or future job). We’ll finish up the session with a practice speed-date-type interview and let you have plenty of time to chat up the BLASTmedia account executives. Sign up for BLASTmedia’s Media Monday for free.


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Meghan is a director of success who has always had a passion for B2B PR and SEO, as well as a general interest in learning the various technologies of her complex clients. When Meghan isn't securing top tier interest from Barron's or Forbes or writing content for publications such as Network World and Inc., you can find her reading a sci-fi novel or playing with her pets.

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