Social Media Tip: How to Track Brand Awareness

By November 15, 2012 October 14th, 2016 Industry Perspective

Brand awareness. It’s becoming a more reoccurring topic of discussion instead of a one-off consideration. As 2013 budget planning and the conclusion of Q4 rear their looming heads, businesses now more than ever want to know, “How can you track brand awareness?”

Self-proclaimed “social media gurus” shake in their boots at the very question, but experienced, integrated agencies can see proof in the brand-awareness pudding.

Want to see how the pros do it? Take heed of the following tips when using Google Trends to track the health of your brand awareness campaign.

Use Google Trends to track your brand strength. The artist formerly known as Google Insights for Search is now just Google Trends, and it’s a free tool that often goes ignored due to sheer lack of education (or maybe Google Trends needs to improve its own brand awareness?). Google Trends shows how interest in your brand and brand strength has grown over time. You name the keywords or brand landscape. You select the timeframe. Plug, chug, and be amazed (or shocked) by your brand awareness campaign results.

First, we’ll take a look at a successful overall branding initiative. This same tactic is also applicable to tracking the performance of an event’s build-up and subsequent post-event chatter.

The buzz leading up to the latest film in the James Bond series has been in the works for months—as evidenced by murmurs of web searches back in August 2012. Below, we take a look at “Skyfall,” the title of the latest Bond installment, in comparison to the search term “James Bond.” The goal of this campaign, whether it’s through online, word of mouth, television, or other advertorial means, is to increase the brand awareness of the movie’s actual title over simply “the new (James) Bond movie.” We can see the following graph accurately tracks the build-up of the movie’s release, the official overseas launch on the night of October 26, and then, as the film slowly debuts to cities in the U.S., the movie’s title surpasses the character’s name in search volume.

Alas, don’t limit yourself to just two search parameters. Take your newfound knowledge a step further and conduct a competitor analysis using Google Trends.
For you fashionistas reading the BLAST blog, we take a look at popular style brands Lilly Pulitzer, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, and David Yurman. We can look beyond the Web search and interest over time function within Google Trends, which ebbs and flows with sales and product releases, and drill down to specific trends and rising topics of interest within each profile.

As you can see, the Kate Spade fans have been more recently interested in the latest iPhone 5 cover over the traditional highly searched terms “bracelets,” “handbags,” and “watches.” Could this be contributed to a PPC campaign around their new product offering? If so, it’s proving to be quite successful. Furthermore, Google Trends also allows you to track search volume by countries, and even more granular, to cities. An example is seen here, highlighting fashion brand Lilly Pulitzer’s city-specific search volume.
For those familiar with the brand, it comes as no surprise that six of the top ten cities are located in the southern states, as the company was founded in Palm Beach, Florida. But the internal marketing team at LP may be interested to see that the more northern, metropolitan cities are, indeed, searching the web for the once solely-Southern brand name. Could this be a result of an experiential marketing initiative in the those cities? If so, this tool would be a great way to see its success over the last 90 days.

With the right tools and training, plus some assistance from an experienced social media agency like BLASTmedia, you, too, can sharpen your brand-awareness skills. Learn more about BLASTmedia and how we can help take your business to new heights by contacting Mendy Werne at 317.806.1900 today.


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