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By September 25, 2012 Client Successes

As the public relations arm for our clients, we have to be flexible, knowledgeable, and above all, creative. The same consumer product or service can appeal to any number of audiences from travel to business to women’s interests, and it’s our job as media liaisons to fit our clients into those stories.

unexpected client coverage
An inspired pitch angle and the right contacts can earn media placements that blow away expectations. Check out some of BLASTmedia’s more unexpected media hits below:

Safety Radio on Marie Claire

BLASTmedia client Etón leads the market in green-powered consumer products, making safety radios and music accessories. A fashion-focused pitch and a contact at a leading women’s magazine landed the Etón FRX 1 Radio on MarieClaire.com (and the bright purple color didn’t hurt either!).

Camping accessory on Bon Appétite 

Long-time BLASTmedia client Coghlan’s has been making camping essentials for 40 years, but being featured on one of America’s most popular food and entertainment magazine’s site was an out-of-the-ordinary media hit. The outdoor corn popper was a surprisingly good fit for the Bon Appétite’s online gift guide.

 Wearable Sleeping Bag on GLAMOUR and ELLE

Outdoor enthusiasts love the BLASTmedia client Selk’bag, a wearable sleeping bag that moves with you, but what about slaves to fashion? Editors at both top fashion mags GLAMOUR and ELLE just had to let their readers know about the beautifully puffy Selk’bag.

Coupon site survey on Men’s Health

CouponCodes4u.com, the top coupon site in the US, hired BLASTmedia to gain online media exposure for their consumer surveys, earning quality links back to the site. Some of the surveys are rather unorthodox, with results ranging from celebrity gossip to shopping tips to the most recent – an iPhone 5 survey surrounding what men are willing to give up for the new device. Men’s Health found the results interesting and controversial enough to feature, becoming the most popular post on the site for the week.

Members of the media love new and innovative story angles – they make PR pitches less boring and reporters’ jobs easier. However, creative angles can take a turn for the irrelevant if the product is completely not a fit. If you have a consumer product that you’d like to see in the pages of a major magazine or in print, contact Lindsey Groepper at BLASTmedia.


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As a VP at BLAST, Kim’s decade of media relations experience guides strategic direction for account teams and clients. The intersection of her genuine passion for news media and tech allows her to find the hook in clients’ stories. She’s a mother to one angelic human child and one devilish canine child, and she spends her free time wrangling the two of them and watching TV dramas with her husband once they’ve gone to sleep.

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