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Much to the literary craftsman’s dismay, sexting, flexitarian, and obesogenic are a select few of the most recent additions to Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, as revealed in an August 13 Wall Street Journal article.

While my wordsmith mother would turn her nose at the recent addition of “F-bomb” to her beloved lexicon, many welcome the plethora of more trendy words to the sacred index of reference.

F-bomb in dictionary

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From the PR and social media-focused to absolutely zany, here are some of the additions the BLASTmedia team wishes to see in the next edition of Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary:

  • Sabrina CookEdcal; An abbreviated version of editorial calendar, which is a mouth full and my autocorrect in Outlook automatically changes it from “edcal” to decal. I usually give in and wind up spelling out the word in an email, which takes way too long.
  • Brittany WrightCray; I have no real good reason, but I like it.
  • Ryan GreivesZoojob; A person that has no grip on reality. Example: “That guy is a total zoojob.”
  • Paul SchreiberPhotobomb; The choice is obvious:
  • Marisa StruppYOLO; “You Only Live Once,” or, “Do all the things society frowns upon while you’re young. No one will judge you. For now.”
  • Heike Baird – Belieber; This word would never have existed without the online fan community (primarily supported through Twitter and Tumblr) surrounding Justin Bieber.
  • Ashley HalberstadtSwag; Although it is defined in the traditional sense, “to sway or lurch,” that can be mildly confusing for anyone looking it up after hearing someone use it in a song…
  • Anna JulowContent marketing; Content marketing is nothing new, relatively speaking, but it’s a hot topic in the marketing world and a term that Merriam-Webster had neglected up to this point. According to The Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is the technique of creating and distributing valuable content—everything from blogs to white papers—to attract and engage with customers and ultimately drive profitable customer action. It’s what I tell people that I do at work when I want to confuse them.
  • Molly NoonanMeme; The key to 60 percent of the Internet’s purpose.
  • Emily TrimbleE-waste; Working with
    NextWorth on a daily basis has really opened my eyes to the electronic waste epidemic. As Americans, we update to new smartphones every year and a half or so—creating tons of waste. A problem that big needs to be made official!
  • Yours truly, Jacqueline Simardn00b; It’s total geek speak, and fully embraced in my daily jargon. A n00b is typically an inexperienced and/or ignorant or unskilled person who is subsequently pwn3d (another addition I’d like to see) verbally, especially if said n00bish behavior is in the area of video or computer games. See also: neophyte

In the oh-so-sarcastic words of WSJ “It’s about freakin’ time.” Insert bout of sarcasm here.


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