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The NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship concluded on Monday night and the University of North Carolina was crowned the national champion, but I was the champion of the BLASTmedia Bracket Challenge (WOOOHOO!). As some would say, picking a bracket is all luck, but it does involve doing your homework (well, maybe a little luck!). You have to research all 65 teams, contemplate possible match-ups and consider taking advice from the experts (i.e. Bobby Knight). In the end, you select the team who best fits the mold of a national champion.

Here at BLASTmedia, we know all about finding the best fit. As we strive to secure national media coverage for our clients every day, we work hard to fully understand what our clients need and want. Yes, we love when clients like SwizzStyle appear on the front page of Sunday’s Chicago-Tribune to coincide with a trade show opening, but we also love when our clients appear in smaller, more specialized outlets that can also make an impact. Companies often express how much they desire to be on the front page of big publications like Oprah’s O’ Magazine or the New York Times. Obviously, a big hit like O’ and the NYT can increase sales, but is it possible smaller, niche outlets might have a bigger, more long-term impact?

For example, getting some of our parenting clients like Good Nite Lite and BabyPlus on a few different mom blogs per week may have a bigger impact (because of that tight-knit group and their following) than a short mention in the Wall Street Journal. Although it’s nice for companies to say they were featured in the WSJ, we understand that it’s possible our client’s customers may not be reading the Wall Street Journal – or may only read it for reasons like stock market updates and current events – not for new parenting products. So, while a specific mom blog may only attract 1,000 or so readers, it is critical to understand that all – or most of – those 1,000 readers may be the perfect (most influential) readers for our client. By concentrating on the right outlets, we can engage in many valuable conversations and establish relationships with news professionals who love to hear all about our clients. As a result, we make a new media contact and our client receives coverage in targeted outlets they may or may not know existed.

Bracket Champion, Patrick Tarpey


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