How Do We Do the Voodoo That We Do So Well?

By March 30, 2009 July 29th, 2016 Industry Perspective

In my business development role, I spend most of my time here at BLASTmedia making connections with prospective new clients. I love finding out about some of the coolest new tech products before they hit the market, and it’s always rewarding to see the resulting media coverage that our rockin’ PR account teams generate! But before we can ever drive those results for our clients, I spend time planning the campaign with our internal teams and the marketing directors, PR managers and presidents at our new clients’ companies.

Many new clients want to know how we go about getting top media hits. What is our secret sauce? While I can’t tell all (or I’d have to kill you), I can tell you that we use a variety of strategies and tactics to build an aggressive campaign. Sometimes it’s celebrity seeding, at other times we take our clients’ products directly to the media with a press tour or coordinate product demos with influential editors on tradeshow floors (go visit Chantal and Spracht this week at CTIA, booth 1380).

No media campaign would ever be successful, however, if it weren’t for ongoing communication with editors – which begins by building a relationship online, via phone or in-person. The PR “pitch” – the art of calling or emailing an editor to have a conversation about a client – is something that takes a certain skill. We see and read about bad PR pitches every day: press releases guised as mass emailed pitches, full of basic errors – misspellings, grammar mishaps, no links to client websites, etc. Heck, we even get email pitches from other agencies letting us know about their client’s latest announcement. Talk about an off-target pitch!

While we regularly utilize relationships with editors we’ve worked with in the past when we have new announcements, there are always new editors and bloggers with whom we’ve never worked. In these cases, an introductory email or phone call is necessary to get on his or her radar. When it comes to email, there are a few basic guidelines for communication within the PR field, as well-written email communication CAN result in top-tier media coverage. It is important to know what the editor covers, be concise in your messaging, be human and never treat all editors the same – show each one why their readers/viewers/listeners would care about your client.

Just as PR is constantly evolving, so too are the communication methods we use to reach influential media and end consumers. Facebook and Twitter have become commonplace ways to reach members of the media and there will likely be another form of communication that emerges a frontrunner by year’s end. Regardless of the delivery method, the same rules above hold true. An aggressive PR strategy, coupled with well-executed communication through a variety of tactics, still leads to effective results for our clients.


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